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How To Develop Copywriting Skills To Engage Your Blog Readers

How To Develop Copywriting Skills To Engage Your Blog Readers

how to develop copywriting skills

Have you ever asked yourself if your content sparks interest?

Your copywriting technique is key to keeping your blog engaging to your readers.

Having an audience that is interested and satisfied introduces your blog to a broader audience.

Copywriting is a lot more than using words and having a lot of them.

A good copywriting keeps readers from bouncing away from your site and helps you build a loyal readership that you can turn into subscribers or customers soon.

This article will help you frame the copywriting skills that you need to generate a discussion with your blog readers.

Know your readers

Copywriting helps you communicate important messages that are intended to a specific audience.

This copywriting guide says that a copywriter must understand their client’s needs.

Do you know who your audience is?

It would help if you didn’t start a blog without understanding what you want to write about and who you want to read your blog

If you don’t know them yet, look into Google Analytics and study the usual type of people that visits your blog.

This will tell you the demographics of your readers and the popular topics your blog produces.

Additionally, you can try interacting with your readers more through your blog’s comments and social media.

Knowing what your audience will like will guide you into what type of copywriting techniques you need to insert in your blog.

Add personality to your posts

Your audience will look for personalized interaction; thus, injecting character can be more engaging rather than the usual direct sales pitch.

Adding personality may be received differently, some may like it, some won’t.

But it’s essential to add a little spice throughout your content.

People like reading something when they are a part of a conversation rather than one that feels like they’re being lectured.

  • Inject humor into your post
  • Break grammar rules
  • Use illustrations
  • Write personal quotations
  • Encourage readers to participate

Everyone loves a great storyteller.

Learning this skill will make your audience connect with you and engage with your posts.

Do your research

do your research

Writing and not doing research is a bad combination.

Being an authority means you should know what you’re talking about.

But not all authority sites are experts. They reached that point because they provide information backed with facts.

It means they did their research well.

Knowing what you’re writing about and using statistics and data from authoritative sources will make your article more professional and credible

Create killer headlines

Using compelling headlines are a sure way to get your content noticed.

David Ogilvy believed that a wasted headline is a lost 90% marketing budget.

Users read the headline and not the body content.

But there are more benefits to using catchy headlines. Here are some ways you can use headlines in your post.

  • Trigger curiosity with how-to headlines
  • Use numbers to deliver data
  • State benefits to entice readers to click

Consider user experience

Your content will be viewed on multiple devices with multiple screen sizes.

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Google search

That’s why the number of characters matters.

Instead of focusing on the technical qualities of content, make sure to be more aware of your user experience.

How a user interacts and feels about using your website describes how well you can bring them in a lot more often.

When people don’t have a pleasant experience using your website, chances are, they won’t come back.

Follow best practices

Check your competitors and see which patterns and contents that are working well for them.

Owning a blog means you have all the freedom in the world to do what you like. But, what you want may not always be the best for your blog’s long term success.

Use your freedom to know the things that will stick and will work for your audience.

Even your favorite bloggers all follow best practices because they’ve been in this industry for a longer time than you.

Take inspiration from their work to give you a new perspective on better ways to keep your copywriting in check then create a better version of that for your blog.


Keep a balance on all the different aspects of your site. Your copywriting skills will develop over time, and you’ll learn to do what’s best and avoid what’s not working.

There is no quick and easy way to doing knowing the perfect copywriting style you’d want to take on.

Use our tips to ensure that you deliver the best content and improve your blog’s readership and engagement.

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