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How to Find Your Beauty Blog Niche

How to Find Your Beauty Blog Niche

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If you are a self-proclaimed beauty guru and are looking for a way to share your passion, creating a blog is a great option. Choosing your beauty niche may seem a bit overwhelming. But as long as you know yourself and what you are passionate about, it can be far more attainable.

Why Have a Niche? 

If you have just decided that you want to create a beauty-centered blog, but are not sure if you want to have a niche, I’m here to tell you that you should absolutely consider it. While there are absolutely no rules around blogging about anything and everything, having a niche will help you in several ways throughout your blogging career.


You will have a much easier time cultivating a dedicated fan base by sticking to the same area of expertise in your blogs. Humans are a creature of habit and typically find comfort in routine. Being able to return to the same blogger who has a new everyday hairstyle, or a way to wear your claw clip, they will continue to support and read every week.


Speaking of fanbases, social media obviously has a huge presence. Each prevalent influencer has a niche that they have eventually ended up in, especially if they gained popularity with the famous “Get Ready With Me” style video. Maybe they focused on trying out new makeup and reviewing it, or were always asked about their lip color combination, so they were easily able to continue making content they knew their audience would love. Some influencers showed an easy hairstyle one day and was an overnight viral sensation. So they are asked for new content for hairstyle ideas. Sometimes for content creators, it can fall into their lap, regardless if they were prepared to be associated with a niche. As a blogger, you have complete control over the niche associated with your name.

On the other hand, if you are an influencer who wants to start blogging in addition to social media posts, you automatically have a following based on a niche, so it only makes sense to build on that. This is a chance for you to do more research to pad your growing knowledge for your fan base to devour.

Exploring yourself

If you are starting a blog from scratch with no following on social media, the first thing you should do is an examination of your own life. This is where you should be looking at the things you are reading, watching, and gravitating to in your own free time. Do you find yourself getting lost in makeup stores for hours debating which new products to try? Maybe you end up falling asleep watching YouTube makeup tutorials each night. If so, you may have your niche staring you in the face.

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It’s important to think about if you see the specific niche as something you could write about long-term or not. Not only your writing but the trends as well. Will there be enough topics within the niche? Is it a fad that is going in and out very quickly? Your passion is a strong place to start, but doing some research and digging into future trend predictions is essential.


More often than not, bloggers want to eventually make enough money to support themselves in blogging. Maybe you are not ready to go into it full-time yet or leave your full-time job. But typically the goal is to help support your lifestyle. After all, if you love beauty products, you have to pay for them somehow!

Wrap Up

Finding your niche in the beauty blogging industry is all about finding what you feel is not only comfortable. But something you will want to learn more about every day. No one goes into blogging about something without having to eventually learn more to continue their writing. It should be something you love and are excited to grow in. Finding your niche will be the first step in cementing the foundation of a great beauty blog. Now that you have read through these tips, you can more easily find your own beauty niche.

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