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How to Increase Blog Traffic Fast: 10 Ways

How to Increase Blog Traffic Fast: 10 Ways

How to Increase Blog Traffic Fast

So you’ve got a new blog. Your top priority now should be increasing your blog traffic. The more steps you take toward this goal, the more people will discover your blog. This will also boost your influence in your niche.

Below are ten tips on how you could increase blog traffic fast.

1. Optimize for Long-Tail Keywords

Simply put, long-tail keywords are lengthy, often specific search phrases that people use to find information online. The main benefit of using them is that they tend to be less competitive than the more popular search terms.

You can use free keyword tools like Ubersuggest to find out which words and phrases you should use on your blog to increase your site traffic.

2. Create Pillar Posts

Pillar posts (or pillar content) are a collection of articles that you consider your site’s best work. This type of content generates lots of clicks, leaving users to revisit pillar posts time and again.

One tip would be to publish evergreen content. These are blog posts that remain relevant regardless of how much time has passed since their original publish date.

3. Link to Related Content

Linking to related content improves your internal linking which greatly benefits your internal SEO. Also, it makes site navigation for your users and promotes content that’s buried beneath your archive.

A word of advice: Make sure that all your pages somehow link to each other. There are techniques you could look into like silo architecture for SEO.

4. Craft Click-Worthy Headlines

Your headline is the first thing users will see when they open your link. So you need to put in a lot of effort to make sure they’re as catchy as possible.

It should make it immediately clear what users can expect from your post. And it should reassure visitors that they’ll find the information they’re looking for after they read your article.

5. Write Well

Before publishing a post, you should review your content to make sure that it’s grammatically sound. There are different online grammar checker tools you could use to review pages.

Writing well also means making sure that you fact-check all of your sources so you don’t become a source of misinformation. You want to be known as a credible resource person in your community.

6. Mention Influencers in Your Posts (Then Reach Out to Them)

Mentioning influencers in your posts gives you an excuse to reach out to these people and possibly get mentioned in their posts and social media accounts. You want to get as much exposure as possible. Working with established personalities in your field will do that.

This could also lead to collaborations in the future.

7. Promote Your Content

After publishing your posts, you need to take a proactive approach in promoting them. Social media seems to be the platform of choice these days to gain exposure. Use social media promotional tools to get eyes on your newly published content.

You can also try promoting your content using forums, newsletter subscriptions, email marketing, guest posting, and paid ads.

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8. Acquire Backlinks

High-quality backlinks make your site more valuable to search engines. The more you have, the higher your post will rank on Google.

There are lots of tips online on how you could get quality backlinks for your blog. Familiarize yourself with the process so you could get the top domains to link back to your posts.

9. Make Your Blog Load Faster

Image optimization is one of the most essential on-page SEO factors to consider when building a blog site. You want to optimize your images because it helps pages load faster.

Fast-loading pages not only improve user experience, but they also get your site to rank higher on search engines. It’s one of the factors that Google uses to determine which domains are worth showing to its users.

10. Double Down on What Works

When you discover what works best for your blog, stick to it. Experimenting is great and all but you don’t want to shift to new strategies needlessly, especially if you already have a winning formula.

If you’re not sure what works best for blogs in your niche, you can always check what your main competitors are doing. See what they’re doing right and how they interact with their audience.

These are just some of the ways on how to increase blog traffic fast. As you get used to the grind, it’s possible to find more ways to improve your site’s overall performance.

The most important thing to remember is that you have to stick to your guns. You won’t see consistent traffic spikes overnight.

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