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How to Organize an Event as a Blogger

How to Organize an Event as a Blogger

How to Organize an Event

As a blogger, you may have been continuously building your brand online because the impact of blogging as it is is not even debatable. Few months or years of blogging can do you so well but sometimes, there are far more things you want to achieve and you will eventually reach the stage when you are ready to take your business to the next level.

There are things you can do online, however, aside from focusing on all the best online outreach and promotional tactics. You can also build more relationships with people face-to-face using offline marketing tactics.

One way to do that is to organize an event that’s geared towards building your brand.

First, let’s see benefits of doing an offline event for your online blog.

  • Showcase your products and services
  • Build stronger relationships with your followers
  • Get noticed by a larger audience
  • Meet other bloggers

After that, we’ll take you to the steps on how to organize an event as a blogger. Here are five must-do things for your future event.

Things you need to know on how to organize an event

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Identify the purpose of the event

What is your event for?

For you to have a solid plan, first, you need to establish the reason you are holding an event.

Do you want to sell and showcase your products? Are you going to raise money for charity? Or do you want to build a lasting relationship with your readers?

Accompany any aim you choose with this question: who is the audience of this event?

It’s kind of similar to how you write a blog post where you look for a topic and its target audience.

Use a platform to facilitate the event

One of the best contributing factors to how an event succeeds is because of an event tool that does most of the work of getting the word out for them.

Yes, you already have your own audience from your blog alone. No, not all of them will be attending your event.


Obviously, not everyone of your followers and email subscribers will go. The thing is, if you want to reach more people from your audience, you need to bring the word out not only for your audience but also for the future ones. And for that, Meetup is the best place to go to.

Not going on Meetup to look for potential attendees is a rookie mistake. People there are ready and are looking for small and big events to go to so make sure you leverage it for your own event.

Develop an event program

Putting up a generic plan with no clear strategy is how one makes a disaster event that can put an end to a growing business.

Your program is how the even will flow smoothly and for you to do that, your event must have these things below:

  • Food
  • Entertainment (Music, videos, booths, or games)
  • Speakers
  • Food
  • Documentation

Organizing an event requires a ton of work. To make it as smooth as possible, you must set a solid program set in place.

Above are just the basic must-haves, there are things you need to consider. Small details like making sure the food choices cater to a different diet, and huge things like risk management.

Also, your event won’t be possible if you don’t prepare the location for the festivities. Make sure that you reserve the place on time and prepare the amenities necessary to run your event. Finally, add a personal touch to the event by showing display ads or even neon lights signages.

Giveaway promotional materials

promotional giveaways

Everyone likes free stuff.

Make sure that the things you are giving out is what you think people will really appreciate and are actually relevant to what your event is about.

See Also

There are lots of resources online that provide great sources for promotional items and one of them is Underabuck. It’s nice if you can give out useful things that your attendees can use even after an event, a tote bag and ballpen for instance.

Ideally, your items should have your branding in them so people will remember you every time they use your giveaway.

Follow-through with attendees

While your event is over, your business isn’t.

Send out another “thank you” email and social media posts.

Also, people like to help the people they support. You can always ask your attendees about what they thought of the event. Ask for testimonials and reviews if you can.

These will you improve not only your relationship to your followers but also your events soon.

Learn you learn how to organize an event properly?

There is a growing desire to get out of a strictly online nature of a business and go with more personal and face-to-face interactions. Even with tons of efforts involved, setting up an event can boost your business up and get you more opportunities.

This is just another start of your blogging career. After one successful event, you will want to do more.

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