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How to Start a Luxury Blog

How to Start a Luxury Blog

If you are a freelance blogger wishing to start your own luxury blog, you have come to the right place. Luxury blogs that are well written have good viewership but the competition is very high. A better idea would be to start a luxury blog that provides added value. The added value could be providing information on getting the best deals for luxury brands and products.

Everybody knows that enjoying the finer things in life certainly doesn’t come at a discount. However, there are people who live on a beer budget but have that champagne taste (we totally understand), and these people should be your target market. After all who doesn’t like to get a great deal? There are a few blogs that cater to this market but since it is a huge market you can also make a mark. Given below are a few blogs that you can visit and get the inspiration for creating your own luxury blog.

Snob World

Snob world is a playful luxurious blog owned and edited by a couple, Cole and Kelsea Moscatel. They travel the world and detail honest opinions on the best and most luxurious hotels, restaurants, resorts, and destinations.

In their blog section, the couple gets personal and offers useful tips on a lavish lifestyle, cars, fashion, skincare, food and hair, and makeup.

The Pearl Source

For tips on how to score discount yet chic jewelry, look no further. They’ve been in the game for more than two decades and were one of the first jewelers to take their entire operation online in the 90s. The owners of the company specialize in wholesale, sourcing, and distribution. The point is, they’ve learned a thing or two about landing a deal, and they are very willing to share their secrets.

Lux Expose

As the name suggests, the blogs showcase all things luxury living. From celebrities’ collaboration with trendy brands, fashion, luxury products, and brands to real estate, you get in-depth reviews on fine living.

The blog has been around for over a decade and has gained credibility in the luxury lifestyle space. Making it a reliable source of tips on luxury living.

Luxury Travel Mom

As her blog name suggests, Kim Marie Evans is a mom who enjoys traveling around the world with her family. In her blog, she gives honest reviews of her travels worldwide.

She lets her audience know of inexpensive, both famous and unknown hotels and destinations that offer excellent services at affordable rates.


The blog is owned and run by Amelia. She blogs full-time and has been at it since 2009. Her blog also offers excellent insights into products that would make your life even more comfortable.

Besides the blog, she also has a YouTube channel where she posts weekly review videos of products she reviews or destinations she visits.

Lake and Luxury Chi

The luxury blog is run by Meghan, a native Detroit lady who needed an outlet to showcase her creative ideas on fashion and luxury dressing.

Her blog’s fantastic catch is that she seeks to capture class, but while on a budget. An attribute that’s relatable to the everyday woman.

Her blog outlines affordable fashion at different outlets that offer great leads for you.

Stay Classic Blog

Women author most luxury and fashion blogs. However, Tim is among the first male fashion bloggers to venture into the female-dominated space and give men excellent options to affordable and stylish clothing.

But he was not always a fashion guy. On the contrary, he started his fashion blog to up his game on dressing well on a budget.

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A photographer by profession, the stay shop classic section in his blog page outlines excellent discounts you can get on classy accessories, housewares, vintage, apparel, and also items on sale from his closet.

The Budget Fashionista

Catherine authors the blog She has a knack for the fine things in life but openly confesses that she doesn’t like parting with money to purchase them.

And that has led her to look for alternative ways to get great deals to enable her to live large with less.

In her blog, she is incredibly passionate about providing and creating alternative ways to do makeup and skincare for women. She shares all these tips in detail in her blog posts.

The Baller on a Budget

Aileen Luib’s blog site is notable for her quote, ‘everyone deserves a champagne taste on a beer budget.’ She offers excellent tips on budget-friendly trendy brands to make the most of. But she doesn’t just stop at fashion.

Aileen’s blog also focuses on highlighting affordable and quality products for beauty, skincare, makeup, and work out tips to help you look young and fabulous without having to break a bank.

In addition to body care tips, her blog is unique in that she shares on life’s crucial subject – money. In this blog section, she shares entrepreneurial ideas, how to get out of debt, and matters career and work.

In Conclusion

Satisfying your desire for a chic living depends on your approach to living. The blogs outlined here offer tons of reviews and offer you great insight and point you to products that would let you enjoy a good life even on a budget.

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