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How to Start a Popular Blog for Real Estate Agents

How to Start a Popular Blog for Real Estate Agents

Many buyers and sellers take time researching and selecting a real estate agent online to represent them in purchasing or selling their home. This is where a real estate agent’s blogs come into play. Blogs help buyers and sellers get to know agents better and help answer questions about the market, the process of buying or selling a home, and more. It’s important to connect with buyers and sellers through blog posts. Here are some steps on how to start a popular blog.

Choose a Blog Host

If you already have a website up and running for your real estate business, ask your web host or designer to add a blog platform for you. If you don’t have a website yet, you’ll need to purchase a domain name and find a real estate web host. There are so many to choose from. It’s best to do your own research and find the right match. 

Choose one that will work with your budget and how much web design you want them to do for you. Make sure that the web host allows for a blog platform. Consider a platform that offers features like advanced post scheduling and drag-and-drop tools.

Create a Calendar For Your Blog Content

The content of your blog posts should appeal to buyers and sellers across the board. You will want a blog that gets read by California realtors as well as those in Florida and other states. If you do a Google search of real estate blog content, you’ll find many topics. Create a calendar for your posts. Take into consideration holidays and major events to incorporate into your calendar. 

Be sure to include what’s called “evergreen content.” This is blog content that is good year-round. Evergreen content can be reused or updated throughout the year. An article about how to prepare your home for sale is an example of evergreen content. Once you have a calendar with topics and content, it’s time to create your content.

Create Your Blog Content

You’ll want to create blogs that will spark people’s interest. The titles of your blog posts should be aimed at getting their attention. Aim to make your blogs 400-700 words and easy to read. Include section or paragraph headings in your blogs. Your paragraphs shouldn’t be too long or include run-on sentences. 

Use keywords naturally that will help people find your blog. Include a call to action somewhere in your blog, typically at the end. Be sure to have someone proof your blog post before you schedule it. If you aren’t good at writing, you can hire people to write your blog posts or purchase them.

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Find or Create Images For Your Blog Posts

Photographs are crucial for your blog posts. Use pictures that attract attention and create interest. If you are good at photography, you can take your own photos and use them in your blog. Websites such as Shutterstock have photographs that you can use, as well.

Promote Your Blog

Once you’ve created your real estate blog, it’s important to get them out there so the public can find them. Some websites have social broadcasting that will get your blogs out to many social media sites at once.

Start slow with a few blog posts per month. Then, gradually add or schedule more. Give buyers and sellers a reason to read your blogs. Soon you’ll have followers and more real estate business.

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