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How to Start Fashion Blogging on Instagram

How to Start Fashion Blogging on Instagram

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If you love fashion and you love creating content, fashion blogging may be a great outlet for you. On Instagram, you’ll be able to curate a feed of your own creativity using filters and having your own aesthetic. The best thing about fashion is it’s always changing, so you will always have relevant content to create and share.

Username and Followers

Establish yourself through your username. This is your chance to bring in creativity and balance it with simplicity. The perfect username has both. You want to have a name that will bring ease and familiarity to potential followers. 

Your followers will be a bigger task at the beginning of your blog than later down the road. One of the most important tips that I would suggest for gaining and keeping followers is making it clear that there is a real person behind the account. As I’m sure you would agree, the best potential followers are the ones who feel they can relate to you. For a fashion blog, if you are pushing out content that directly relates to a specific type of person, you will need to find that public where they are. Go into the explore page and find them, interact with them and show them that you are the account for them! 

Business Email 

You are putting time, effort, and probably a decent amount of money into your fashion blog, so you should treat it as the business that it is. You will need to push out a business email address. Also, you will not want your personal email to not only get bogged down with business inquiries. But, you definitely do not want to miss an important email relating to your blog.

This is typically low in price, and you will find yourself immediately relieved with a new level of organization. You may be wondering why an email address is not free. Most email addresses are free; think Google Mail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, etc. Those are absolutely free and you are welcome to make a blog-specific email address using one of those platforms. A business email will cost a little more because it will use your domain name, or in this case, your blog name as the website part of the address. This can be helpful for followers to know exactly who they are emailing. Additionally, it will cause less confusion, and make you look much more professional. I suggest making the business email from the start, rather than waiting until you “need” it. 


Tips and tricks for gaining followers are directly related to your feed. You should pick a theme for your posting, and then post on a schedule so that everything always comes out in an aesthetic way that is on brand for your blog. A popular route is posting in sets of three over a short period of time so that when someone clicks into your profile, they see symmetry and it is pleasing to the eye. 

Prioritize your posting

Find a schedule that not only works for you but for your followers. There are several sites that feature analytics of your accounts. You will be able to pinpoint the time that the majority of your followers are active on Instagram. This means they will see your content at the top of your feed. 

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Like any career or side hustle, you must stay on top of updates from the app and trends within the app itself from other users. It will be almost impossible to grow if you are constantly behind the trends. This does not mean changing your aesthetic or your brand based on trends. But be on the lookout for trends that are more specific to your blog, like an OOTD or outfit of the day that has been a trend for years now. 

On the topic of trends, you must continue to educate yourself and research fashion trends for the upcoming season. There are professionals who research trends as their career, so use that as a resource to always stay one step ahead of your followers. 


Starting a fashion blog can grow not only your love for fashion but someone else’s as well. Always make sure that you not only love what you post, but you love why you post. Your fashion blog will never be perfect because fashion is one of the broadest topics in the world, but it can always be perfect for you and your niche followers.

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