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The Stay at Home Dad’s Guide to Remote Work Freelance

The Stay at Home Dad’s Guide to Remote Work Freelance

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If you are playing the real-life version of superman every day at home, but want to add another stream of income to your home, you have come to the right place. The phrase stay-at-home dad has not always been a go-to, but as it has gained more and more of a feeling of normalcy, resources have come about. As you well know, gender roles have gone out the window, allowing more dads to appreciate the stay-at-home lifestyle while the mom or second dad works their 9-5.

This blog will offer several helpful sites, as well as tips to begin the job search from home to earn money from the comfort of your couch, all while doing your superman job of chasing the kids around. Below will be 3 popular stay-at-home jobs, 3 sites to find more jobs, and 3 tips to start your job hunt.

3 Jobs

  • Home Business

Starting your own business from home may seem like the most daunting thing I could have given you, but when you think about it, it can be a lot of fun. You can take whatever your passion is, and turn it into a business. If you love to write, and love to give others stories about what is going on in your life, or you have a passion for books or movies, you can make a blog into a business. Maybe you are a crafty man and heart and enjoy woodworking in your free time, or painting on canvases. You can sell those things to millions of customers on Etsy and other platforms. The options are endless to start your own business.

  • Freelancing

Although freelancing typically seems like it solely involves writing, there are countless other avenues along with writing and blogging. Whether you are a marketing guru, accounting wiz, graphic designer, web designer, or social media specialist, the list goes on for roles companies freelance out to.

  • Virtual Assistant

Most people do not necessarily need an in-person assistant anymore since most of the tasks they would complete are on the computer anyways, so becoming a virtual assistant for someone is a great option for a stay-at-home dad. Your responsibilities would include scheduling travel, meetings, sending out emails, and other various tasks depending on the individual.

3 Sites

  • LinkedIn

If you do not already have a LinkedIn, now is the time to set up a profile. It is the hottest networking platform on the market where you can not only put yourself out in front of other professionals but search for jobs at the same time. It’s like Facebook, but for professionals. You may even see a cute animal meme every now and then if it fits the post.

  • Indeed

A strict job search engine, Indeed also allows you to search for and apply for jobs on the spot. You can set up specific search criteria to only filter in remote and/or part-time jobs. Once you apply you can follow your progress on Indeed. The site is intuitive in that it caters to your following searches based on what you save and apply to.

  • Flexjobs

Similar to Indeed, Flexjobs is a job search engine, however, it is strictly focused on remote jobs. It is a low-cost subscription service that gives you remote options for work and filters out anything that does not seem legitimate. It does all the screening for you. So you do not have to interrupt your job search to do even more research on a company that you are interested in. This is especially important with remote jobs since job seekers tend to be less familiar with remote companies unless they are big corporations.

I’ll leave you with 3 Tips to get started in the job search.

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  • Stay on a schedule or routine

You are most likely already on a set routine with your children. So why not add a few minutes a day into dedicated job search time?

  • Make Connections

Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to make connections on LinkedIn, or via email with potential employees.

  • Don’t hide the fact that you’re a stay-at-home dad

Many believe being a dad is the greatest job in the world. So why hide it? Employers will appreciate the transparency, and you will grow more because of it. Embrace it.

Wrap Up

Being a stay-at-home dad and taking on additional employment is not for the weak. With these tips, job sites, and potential jobs, you will be able to kickstart your job search and find the perfect remote job to fit into your stay-at-home dad life.

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