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9 Creative Ways To Increase Twitter Shares Of Your Blog Content

9 Creative Ways To Increase Twitter Shares Of Your Blog Content

Twitter is one of the most effective social media platforms for Internet marketing. It allows businesses to interact with customers in new and exciting ways. You can use Twitter to share content with followers, provide customer support, promote products, and much more.

If you are using Twitter to promote your content, you will need to find ways to encourage other Twitter users to share it. This will ensure that your content spreads throughout the Twitterverse effectively, improving your website’s traffic and brand recognition. 

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This post will share 9 creative ways to increase the Twitter shares that your blog content receives. These techniques will help you draw more traffic to your blog, attract more followers, and build a reputation on Twitter!

How to increase Twitter shares

#1 — Use eye-catching visuals

You can add eye-catching images or videos to your tweets to make them stand out. Create visuals that are interesting or unusual to really grab the attention of Twitter users. If an image or video makes someone go “what the heck is that?” then you have done well!

Adding an image to a Tweet is simple. When you are in the New Tweet box, click on the image icon on the bottom left. You can also drag the image directly into the new Tweet box to upload it. Images can be up to 3 megabytes in size and will be automatically scaled to match your expanded tweet.

increase twitter shares image

Once uploaded, you can add the text component of your message and hit Tweet.

increase twitter shares image

#2 — Add Twitter functionality to your blog

Having Twitter functionality on your blog makes it easier for readers to share your content.  Ideally, readers should be able to share the entire post or a section of your post, re-tweeting it in a couple of clicks. 

Most content management systems have plugins available to add this kind of functionality.  If you are using WordPress, you can install Click To Tweet, Inline Tweet Sharer, or Twitter Button by BestWebSoft. They are all great plugins with excellent functionality.

Think carefully about where you place your share buttons. Most plugins will give you the option of placing them on the top, bottom or sides of every page. You might also have the option of an interactive Twitter share button, which appears when users highlight text on the screen.

#3 — Write content that is valuable

One of the best tips for content marketing via Twitter it to write shareable content. Shareable content is content that is both valuable and easy-to-understand. To be valuable, your content should be informative, funny or insightful. To be easy to understand, your content should be well formatted and written using fairly simple language. 

The reason why how-to or list posts are so widely used now is that they are easy-to-understand. You can write a top 10 list very quickly and readers can consume it easily. Posts with infographics are also frequently shared because they are so easy to consume and often enjoy a good amount of traffic.

#4 — Optimise your blog for mobile devices

An estimated 82% of people using Twitter are doing so on mobile devices. That’s because Twitter works well for mobile users who are looking for easy-to-consume snippets of information and fast-paced social interaction. 

increase twitter shares mobile

If you really want to maximise your blog shares on Twitter, it is important to optimise your website for mobile devices and different browsers. You should use a responsive layout on your blog, which recognises people on mobile devices and serves them a special version of your page. This allows readers to enjoy your content on mobile devices and quickly share it with their followers.

#5 — Reward people for retweeting your content

One useful strategy for improving your readership on Twitter is adding an incentive for people to retweet your content. When people retweet one of your posts or links to your content, they will receive a reward of some kind.

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The reward could be:

  • Access to a free eBook that you have written 
  • Entry into a competition with prizes
  • A discount coupon that can be used in your store
  • An invitation to an exclusive sale

You will be surprised by how many readers are interested in this kind of incentive and will retweet your content or tweets.

#6 — Write tweets that make readers curious

Writing effective tweets does take a bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it you will be greatly rewarded. One useful technique is to create tweets that entice the reader into clicking a link. You can do this by making the reader believe you have some incredible knowledge or the answer to a difficult problem.

For example, you could tweet “Discover the ways that Google’s algorithm changes affect you!” or “These 10 tips will completely transform the way you go shopping”. These tweets will make readers curious and prompt them to click-through and retweet.

#7 — Ask for a retweet at the end of your blog posts

If you are providing readers with high-quality content they will grateful for it. Harness this gratitude by asking them to tweet about your post or share it on other social media platforms. Make it easy to retweet by having buttons just below the final sentence of your article. If you are creating great content, you will see a huge increase in Twitter shares.

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#8 — Engage with other Twitter users

To make the most of any social network you need to be sociable! Follow prominent Twitter users who are in the same industry as your business. Share links and useful resources with them from time-to-time. When you publish your content, share that with them as well. If they retweet it, you may receive a lot more exposure.

You can also begin conversations with other Twitter users, discussing your blog posts or other related topics. You will get to know other users and gain a reputation as a source of useful information within the community. When you post something, it will be more likely to be shared.

#9 — Get shares via email marketing

Email marketing has seen a resurgence in popularity over the past few years because it makes content marketing much more effective. You can integrate buttons into your newsletters to make it simple to retweet articles and URLs.

This post was written by Dev. He is the founder of WPKube, one of the world’s most popular Web Development/WordPress blogs. His work has been featured in numerous publications, including Social Media Examiner, Smart Insights, Virgin, Forbes, TNW, SEJ, Huff Post, Woorank, and many more.

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