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Is It Time for a Blog Redesign?

Is It Time for a Blog Redesign?

Change is good. Also, change is constant. Resiliency is one of the key things to remember when creating anything online. As bloggers, we need to be able to adapt to the changes that happen all around us. This is why from time to time, we should ask ourselves – is it time for a blog redesign? Blog redesigns are not a question of if, it is a question of when.  

How do we really know if it is time for a blog redesign? There are many things to factor in. Here are some of the scenarios that may answer the daunting question:

Information and content on your blog may be outdated

All kinds of knowledge evolve over time, this is a fact. What is true today may not be applicable anymore in a couple of years. Always keep updated with the latest developments in your niche so you would know if a good majority of your blog needs re-editing. Updating a blog through a redesign could pave the way to ensuring the relevance not only of your brand but also your content.  

Another way to know if your content is outdated would be the language used. The demographic of readers today will surely affect traffic of your blog. With the majority of internet users falling between the age groups of 18 to 34 years old, is your content of interest to this demographic? Are you using vocabulary that are familiar to your readers? Does your blog sound relatable to the younger, and more hip, ‘yuppies’ that are reading your content?

Technology always change the way users interact with content online

All content on the internet must be able to adapt to the fast-pace changes in technology. A good example for this is the fact that the number people use desktop computers and laptops to read content online are diminishing. People prefer using their mobile devices. Usability is a major stakeholder in website performance. If your blog is not mobile friendly yet, it might be a good time to consider a redesign. This is so you would not lose significant traffic to your blog.  

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Also, in the recent years, social media has played such a role in the performance of many websites. You should consider this – is your website social media friendly? Can users share your content on their social media pages? Or, does your brand have social media presence?

Design trends come and go, and they also change very often

This is one of the major design rules to always live by – how often design trends change. Examine if your blog design does not (in any way) relate to the common design trends that are currently popular. Are you still using typefaces that make your blog look like it’s from 2004? Is the color palette used relatable to the current trendy color palettes? Layout design trends are also something to consider.

Your blog is in need of an expansion

There are a lot of startup blogs that begin with a single manager. This means that all the work which includes content production, website development, and design, are done only by a handful of people. Sometimes, all these work are handled by only one person. What if a personal blog intended only for online journaling suddenly transforms into a brand? These kinds of events are pretty common and it could be overwhelming. Expansion is inevitable, especially when the popularity and reach of your blog becomes out of your control.

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Here are some of the considerations for blog expansion:

  • You want to produce more content but might need to widen your team. You have to update and redesign your blog (albeit behind the scenes through plugins, admin access, security, etc.) if you are considering adding people into your workspace.
  • The website no longer represent your brand or you want to simply want to rebrand. Brand image is essential in maintaining presence on the internet.
  • A new product line is being introduced by your brand and you want to feature this well into your blog or website.

Updates on CMS or website building platforms

It is always important to maximize the performance of website building platforms. When you realize the flexibility of CMS platforms and other website building tools, the prowess of your blog could become endless. So, if the CMS or website builder you are using has a new update that makes certain tasks easier for you, go ahead and revamp your blog. A likely example of this would be the WordPress Gutenberg. It is not noticeable on the face of the blog, but the way that the blogger manages the website is fully affected. Changing things up on the backend is still a major redesign to consider.

SEO-friendly blogs perform better

There are always updates on algorithms for SERPs. If we want content that could perform well, among millions of competition online, we need to always be updated with changes in SEO. This does not mean that we SHOULD change up our blog design whenever SERP algorithms update. If you think that a lot of the SEO techniques you are used to are not pushing your blog into its optimum performance, maybe a design change could be helpful. Remember, even the presentation and layout of content has its own design considerations.

You simply need a refreshing ‘cleanup’

A lot of times, blogs just need to have a refreshing reset. It is also a great way to declutter (old content, clearing up errors, etc). Creating a redesign is a tough decision, but sometimes it is an exciting venture for any blogger.

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