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Do You Know The Top Web Hosting and SEO Trends For 2016?

Do You Know The Top Web Hosting and SEO Trends For 2016?

top web hosting and SEO trends

Creating your website and keeping it filled with informative and entertaining content is just one part of owning a website. You must also know how to create content that will get picked up by search engines, shared on social media and stand the test of Internet time. Technology is constantly changes, which means that each year brings new web hosting and SEO trends. So, what should you be focusing on this year?

Whether you are revamping your site by yourself or have a team of professionals, it is important to educate yourself on all the aspects of web development and website creation, especially search engine optimization. Web journalist, blogger and Huffington Post contributor, Harold Stark has shared some excellent advice on the top web hosting and SEO trends for 2016.

Mobile Optimization

Back in the day, computers were the only way people could surf the website. Now, the majority of web browsing is done on a mobile device. This means that developers need to be mindful when designing their site and creating content. In fact, mobile optimization has become so important that Google has made it mandatory that all sites make themselves compatible with mobile browsing. Those that do not comply will face consequences.

Graphic Media

Nearly every blog post or quality website is drenched with high-quality images that catch the reader’s attention and suck people in. With the popularity of social media and sharing posts, it is more important than ever to focus on visual content. Of course, you don’t want to forget the bones of your content which is always the words. Just make sure those words are anchored with some really impressive visual content.

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App Popularity

A recent study discovered that the majority of people prefer apps over websites. Many successful sites have developed apps to help keep up with the popularity. If you have the resources, it could be a good business move to create one.

Stark has listed several other important tips for keeping your website or blog going strong throughout 2016.

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  • Its always good and beneficial to write that kind of content which have the capacity to be easily captured by the search engines & in result of that more and more new online viewers gets the opportunity to read and impress. Quality content always get appreciation from their viewers so if it has been written with respect to the specific niche and market, then it will deliver huge benefits in terms of revenues & online viewers- The more effective will be the SEO the more beneficial results it will deliver….

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