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Learn About Blog Content Planning

Learn About Blog Content Planning

If you are a freelance writer you might choose to offer your services and write blog posts for organizations and people you know and care about. This can be a fun way to write on a wide range of different and interesting topics. Each day can bring new projects and new ideas to explore. Writing blog posts is also one way to build a portfolio and can even lead to a full-time job if you are patient. But before you jump right in and write, you need to do some creative planning so both you and your client are amazed by the results. 

The first item to think about is what type of blog content are you interested in writing. Blogs have a wide range of audiences, tones, and purposes. If you are interested in writing personal reflections on experiences you have had or struggles you have faced, you might consider writing for another’s personal blog. If you are interested in writing marketing or SEO focused posts, you might write content about products you love such as wonderful books, super comfy panties, or the best tasting drinks, for an organization that sells these products as their bread and butter. If you have background knowledge or experience in a sometimes complex field such as finance, law, or science, writing for such subject blogs might be a good fit. Finally, if you are interested in researching, interviewing people, or compiling the information, you might consider a news-based blog.

The second item to think about is the tone of the blog content you want to write. Some blogs are very informal and friendly in tone. These blogs feel like you are speaking to a friend over a cup of tea. Some blogs are focused on monetization and want to sell a product, idea, or service. These are the types of blogs you might write content around a new product and these can range from very formal to very informal. Some blogs are aimed at a certain industry or group of people and can have a tendency to be more formal and structured. For example, if you are writing legal case reviews, you will have to be very focused and detail-oriented, an informal friendly tone may feel out of place.

Third, if you have chosen to create your own blog and not just write blog content for others there are extra items to consider. You need to come up with your own goals and expectations for the content you will create. Do you plan to create a small scale blog for yourself and those you love or do you plan to create a large scale blog with the goal to reach millions? Will you be the sole writer for the blog or will you encourage others to guest post? Are you planning for your blog to be a fun project, a side gig, or a full-time job? If you do not have a clear understanding of what you want your blog to be and become, you will find it is a struggle to keep it up because you will find that you get busy with other life projects. To successfully have your own blog, you need to take the time to write and you have to consider your blog part of your job.

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Writing blog content for your own blog or for another’s blog can be a great opportunity for freelance writers of all types. No matter what subject matter you like to write about, or what style you like to write in there is a blog that would be a great fit for you. With a little bit of planning, writing blog content can be great no matter what scale your work is. Blog content is adaptable and can be a wonderful way to hone your writing skills.

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