How to Leverage Your Blog into Getting a Better Job

How to Leverage Your Blog into Getting a Better Job

The job market is tight. With so many talented individuals gunning for the same job, it will only leave a couple of people with a job, and the rest is looking off to try their luck at another vacancy. The process can get tedious especially if you have been applying for days and months with no end in sight.

However, instead of just watching your competition get hired for your dream job from popular job boards, find a proactive way that allows you to hold a distinct advantage over others in the market and increase your chances of getting hired.

I’m talking, of course, about blogging.

When done correctly, blogging is a job in and of itself. But not all people dream of blogging as a full-time job. Some view it as a way to earn extra on the side and complement their earnings. In this case, therefore, you can leverage blogging so you can get ahead with your career.

The main goal of leveraging blogging to get a job is to attract your target clients in the hopes of impressing them with what you’ve written and published. More importantly, employers now screen applicants based on their social media activities and online footprint. This shows how a professional and client-friendly online presence can determine whether or not you will be accepted for the job.

Below are tips on how you can do this:

Building a blog

Setting up a blog should be easy. If you want a quick fix, you can only sign up for a Medium account, which is a minimalist blogging platform that lets you focus on your content and ideas. If you want a more robust solution, offers more features and functionalities that can boost your blog.

If you want more power for your blogging, you must host your WordPress blog by purchasing a domain and hosting. Once you have determined your domain name, you can choose a WordPress hosting provider that’s right for you. Aside from giving you better security, a dedicated hosting for WordPress is perfect for newbies who need all the help they can get from building their blog from the ground up.

Writing about topics in your field

As a professional, you can use your blog to newsjack or write commentaries about the latest news and trends. A quick search on Google News will reveal to you the most current news about your niche as it happens. You can discuss the issues and get your hot take about them in your posts.

google news

You can also curate content on your blog by collecting the best news pieces related to your industry and talking about them in a post. Take a cue from these sites that do content curation right so you can pattern your posts based on how they do it. By handpicking the best content about your topic based on a particular theme, you can drive more interest in your blog and help raise awareness about your profile. Also, content curation is perfect for non-writing bloggers since you will just choose the content that will do the talking for you.

Creating a portfolio page

Since your idea is to get hired through your blog, aside from impressing your clients with the content you churn out, you need to create a page that makes it easy for them to reach out to you if they are interested in your services. A portfolio page takes the shape of a landing page in which the page is designed strictly so that clients will contact you.

The simplest way to create a portfolio page is to create a new page from WordPress, type your web copy, and embed a contact form at the bottom that future clients can fill out.

career portfolio

If you want a more professional looking portfolio, you can download and install any of WordPress plugins in this post. Most of the plugins cater to designers and photographers, but you can work your way around them even if you’re not from creatives.

When developing your portfolio pages, make sure to observe the best practices of a landing page, as they are both the same in essence. Doing so allows you to increase your conversion rate and receive more inquiries from people interested in your services.

Promoting your blog

Designing your blog and creating content won’t mean anything if you don’t attract your target audience to visit them. You need to take a proactive approach in promoting your blog to the right channels so your target clients can find your blog. You can start by marketing your post using the sites featured in this post. Not all of them apply to your niche, so you need to choose the right ones from the links.

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If you have social media account, then you should promote your blog there as well. However, you can’t just tweet or post a status update hoping that it’ll land you a job out of the blue. You must develop a sustainable strategy that allows you to define your goals, identify your audience, and refine your message so you can maximize your reach on social media.

Republishing on LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn is the social networking site for professionals. It would be foolish of you to leave it out from your social media strategy. If you don’t have an account here yet, then better create one now!

Aside from the ability to build an extensive network of like-minded professionals, LinkedIn allows you to publish posts from your profile through Pulse. However, you don’t have to write a brand new one for LinkedIn – all you need to do is republish the ones you have on your blog. Just make sure that you link back to the original post to inform readers that you are simply republishing content from your blog. Read this post to learn how you can do this not only on LinkedIn, but also on, Medium, and others.

Doing this allows people in your network to see your content from their feed. They can then engage with your post by liking, commenting, and sharing it on their network. Best case scenario, your post will fall into the hands of a potential client who will be impressed with your work and reach out to you for job details.

How about you? Have you implemented strategies on your blog aside from the ones mentioned above that led you to a high-paying job? Share them by commenting below!

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