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How to Make Your “Contact Us” Page Kick Ass

How to Make Your “Contact Us” Page Kick Ass

When it comes to web design, most websites have a set of standard pages. There’s the homepage, about us, products and services, and contact us page. For some reason, the contact us page is often overlooked and haphazardly thrown together. But, if you really think about it, it’s actually one of the most important sections on your website. In particular, you’ll want to focus on the following tips and best practices.

Keep it Simple

The contact page is not the place to wow visitors with never-before-seen design elements and unique layouts. The sole purpose of this page is to facilitate communication between you and your website users. Users come to this page with a simple desire to reach out. There’s no need to dissuade them from doing so by distracting or overwhelming with unexpected content.

Check out this contact page from Mostly Serious to get an idea of how simple the page can really be. This minimalist design isn’t going to make users think, “Wow, this is the most beautiful page I’ve ever seen!” But it also isn’t going to overwhelm them. It serves its purpose and nothing more.

Include Multiple Options

People like options. Some prefer phone calls, while others primarily communicate through email. Some like live chat features, while others want a physical meeting. The more options you provide, the more likely it is that you’ll have people reach out to you. Only including one contact option will severely limit your reach.


On a related note, make sure you actually list your company email address on the page. Many businesses make the mistake of assuming everyone will utilize the contact us form, when in reality most prefer to send emails through their own email platform.

Utilize Social Proof

While you should avoid including too much extra content on a contact page, it’s smart to integrate a couple of social proof elements if possible. Take a look at this contact page from RoboVent. In addition to the standard contact us fields on the left hand side of the page, there’s a client testimonial video and quote on the right hand side. For users that choose to watch the video, the testimonial reinforces the RoboVent name and encourages contact.

Provide Answers to FAQs

As a business, you’re always encouraging people to reach out and contact you. However, there comes a point in time where it’s no longer feasible to handle every request you receive. If you want to cut down on emails and phone calls for simple issues and basic questions, include an FAQ section on your contact page.

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A FAQ page allows people to self-treat their issues. For example, if you’re a software prover and people are constantly calling you about hardware requirements, you could include a question and answer bullet point that clearly addresses the hardware requirements directly on the page. This saves time for everyone involved.

Include a Map (If Necessary)


If you’re a brick and mortar business that has a physical salesroom, or meets with clients in person, you should include a map of your location. This allows customers to quickly identify where you’re located without having to plug an address into a GPS. Here’s a great example from a German design agency.

Putting it All Together

In the end, your contact page should be simple and informative. The design elements and layout you choose may differ from the next website, but make sure you’re following the best practices referenced in this article. A successful contact page is marked by an ability to facilitate meaningful connections. If your page isn’t doing this, then you may need to reconsider your current setup.

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