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5 Simple Ways To Generate Marketing Blog Topic Ideas

5 Simple Ways To Generate Marketing Blog Topic Ideas

After having years of blogging experience, the most frequently asked question is…

“How do you come up with marketing blog topic ideas?”

Getting writer’s block after writing about SEO, social media, email marketing, and others on your blog or client’s is inevitable. It’s just a matter of overcoming it. One of the best ways to push through writer’s block is to develop sustainable habits that allows you to generate a steady stream of marketing blog topic ideas.

In this post, you will learn the different ways on how you can generate marketing blog topic ideas for your blog or client’s so you can sustain blogging no matter how many you write in a day.

How to brainstorm for marketing blog post ideas

1. Check out Google and Pinterest

Whenever your brain just stops working to come up with something creative, head on to Google. Enter broad keywords you want to write about and the search engine will show you relative content on search results.

To give an example, say you like to write about lead generation. You want a more specific topic related to lead generation you want to blog about but you’re not sure what. With Google, typing “lead generation” on the search results will trigger the search engine’s Auto-complete feature. The search bar will recommend phrases you can search on Google related to lead generation. The search results will show all relevant pages to the keyword to help you brainstorm for more ideas.

Another way to get some amazing ideas is to check out social media feeds for inspiration. A good social media feed to look at is Pinterest. There are just a ton of inspirational images on there! While most of Pinterest users curate recipes, DIY, and fashion posts, there are marketing posts out there if you look closer. Similar to Google, just enter the keyword on the search bar to see pins that might help you come up with marketing blog post ideas. 

For this process, it would help if you know how to do keyword research. Click here to learn the exact process of research for low-hanging fruit keywords you can use for searching on Google and Pinterest.

2. Get inspiration from old posts (or update them)

Have you ever had a post you were proud of and it got the attention you always wanted? Go back to your old posts and figure out ways on how to get re-inspired from the same ideas in the post. You might even pull off another great post that generates even more engagement that your current best post.

One of the easiest tricks in the book is to update older posts that didn’t receive all the attention it deserved. The posts you can easily update are how-to or guide posts. Just add new points or revise the guide to its latest version. Share the post on social media after updating to breathe new life (and traffic) to the post.

Another way to update your post is to repurpose them. Turn your old posts into a podcast, a video, an infographic, or even a presentation. You can update the information to make the new post more relevant today.

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3. Stay updated with current events

Checking out the news to stay updated with current events is another way to get inspired with new ideas. Writing about topics that are very relevant to what’s going on in the world can spark engagement easily. Now obviously you wouldn’t want to write articles about the conflict between two countries when your main article topics relate to having a happy lifestyle. You want to search for news that’s related to your subject category.

For marketing blog post ideas, you can subscribe to aggregate news sites like Search Engine Land (for SEO), Social Media Examiner (for social media), and Email Monday (for email marketing), to name a few. There are more sites that deliver the latest news and updates about your favorite marketing fields. It’s best to do your research to find each one.

To help make the research much easier, subscribe to Buzzsumo and search for trending topics in the marketing industry. It will unearth posts from websites you weren’t aware of before. Plus, you can use the post to write your reaction or comments about the recent updates in your industry.

4. Find out what your readers like

After writing for some time, it’s inevitable you’ll have a few followers. Create an opportunity to ask them what they would like to keep them interested. 

One of the best ways to know what your readers are interested in is to create a survey using Google Forms. Using social media channels such as Instagram Stories or Twitter can also help get quick feedback. You’d have to get your audience to follow through article publications but that shouldn’t be too hard.

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If you have a large following and you want to get massive feedback, then consider applying an annual survey. It might not sound too attractive but it works if you want to get to the nitty gritty of what they really want to read. Loyal fans would definitely love this idea.

Last, but not least, getting comments, direct messages, and emails regularly is also a typical way of knowing what your audience needs. If you receive a large amount of these, an effective way to keep up with it all is to put everything on a spreadsheet. 

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5. Chill out for a bit

After some point in time, you will hit rock bottom as a writer. It will be very difficult to come up with words to articulate your thoughts because the creative juices aren’t flowing as freely as before.

Taking a break from writing can help you sit back and relax to rejuvenate new ideas later on. When taking a break, it’s recommended to take time off from social media and other technology devices. Reading books or going out to explore new places can help you learn new vocabulary words or coming up with new ideas.

Are you ready to write more about marketing blog post ideas?

It’s difficult to have your light bulb light up whenever you produce new content. But, as a creative writer, there are tons of awesome sources out there which can inspire you to come up with ideas. It’s your duty to unlock those resources and come up with amazing content to write about.  

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