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Million-Dollar Bloggers Share Their Secrets For Success

Million-Dollar Bloggers Share Their Secrets For Success


What was once a hobby has become a opportunity for a lucrative career choice. There are many successful bloggers, but that doesn’t mean it is an easy gig. It is plenty of work and the most successful bloggers have learned the secrets to profiting off of their site. Blogging guru, Natasha Courtenay-Smith has written a new book, The Million Dollar Blog, which chronicles the secrets of the industry that the experts swear by.

In fact, Courtenay-Smith even explains that there is a direct route to building a successful blog. For example, there is a figurative road map that you can follow. From the very first moment you hit publish, Smith says you need to launch strong.

“One thing is absolutely certain – you can’t even begin to think about launching a blog unless it looks the part,” Courtenay-Smith writes. “And this means everything from your photography, through to your logo, fonts, colours and layouts.”

In The Million Dollar Blog, Courtenay-Smith shares the secrets from those bloggers that make millions of dollars by creating quality content. Everyone has to start somewhere and this book reminds us that we will never have all the answers. Work to achieve what you want and don’t let fear hold you back.

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“What is clear is that no successful blogger of the 50 or so I talked to for their book had all the answers before they started,” Courtenay-Smith writes. “Don’t wait, don’t over-analyse, don’t paralyse yourself with procrastination, don’t be scared, don’t be shy, don’t worry about the whats, hows and the whens.”

Check out Smith’s book and figure out how you can get on the road to success by visiting her website,

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