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Must-Have Photography Apps for Bloggers and Influencers

Must-Have Photography Apps for Bloggers and Influencers

Bloggers and influencers must have a few photography apps on their devices to ensure that the images they use on their content are of top quality. Top-quality images attract readers and also establish the credibility of a website or a blog. Stock photos are okay to use sometimes, but there will always be content that demands its own images for that added shock-value.

Here are a few Photo editing apps every blogger and influencer must have:

Photo Editing Apps

Prisma Photo Editor

The Prisma Photo Editor is available for both iOS and Android and is one of Google Editor’s Choice for photography and photo editing. It has won multiple awards because of its originality. The app lets users transform their photos into works of art or paintings.

Adobe Lightroom

This is one of Adobe’s only mobile-ready editors. It is a free app that has many of Adobe Photoshop’s features. Adobe Lightroom is a great download for editing images.


This is an image editing app that does easy and straight-to-the-point editing. The app has filters and effects that will make any image look like it’s done by professionals – in seconds. There are textures and filters available for use. It is also available for both iOS and Android.


One good thing about Pixlr is that it allows users to access their editing regardless of the device being used. The app even has a browser add-on that allows browser photo editing. There are effects, layers, overlays, and textures available for use.


This particular app is available only for iOS devices. It allows its users to create their own filters on images. Originality is very important for this app, which is why users are given an artistic range to edit their photos.


Every blogger or influencer has taken a photo of food at least once in their careers. This is why the Foodie App is a must-have as well. It allows users to take good images of food by providing shadow effects, lighting effects, and filters.


This is one of the best photo editing apps available for mobile and it is in every “Photographer’s Must-Have” list.  It is developed by Google but is available even for iOS users. It opens both JPG and RAW files. It is one of the most powerful photo editing apps of its kind, explaining why it is so popular for both novices and professionals.


This is more of a subculture than an app, for anyone who knows what VSCO is. It is a creative space where artists and creatives may share their content using preset tools and filters. The main selling point of VSCO is to make images look as if they were taken by film cameras instead of digital ones.

Time and Project Management Apps

Photo editing is just one aspect of photography. Capturing good photos may require additional apps and tools. Here are some of the other apps every photographer, blogger, or influencer must have:

Lux Light Meter

Eye Em

Sometimes it is also good to share amazing images with other users on the internet. This is why licensing is very important. Eye Em is a good app where an artist could share their photos for free. They could also sell their photo licenses for a price. The Eye Em app is a good starting ground for earning through photographs.

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Magic Hour

Admittedly, natural lighting is always the best lighting for images. However, it is very hard to capture as timing is everything. The Magic Hour app gives off alerts to the time and location where the ‘Magic Hour’ happens. It alerts its users where and when the best natural lighting comes in. Either the user wants to take a photo of nature or use the good lighting to capture a photo of a model, the Magic Hour app is a helpful tool to get that original no-filter look.

Watermark X

This is what every content creator must understand about the internet: ownership is a gray area. This is why creating watermarks on new images is important so other people will not have the chance to steal or plagiarize your work. Watermark X is a free app that allows its users to create signatures or watermarks for their images. It should be an absolute download for any blogger, photographer, or influencer.

Great Paid Apps Worth the Investment


Also considered one of the best and most high-end photography apps in smartphones, SKRWT is a definite download. Its main selling point is its ability to fix image perspective distortions that may look minor at the beginning but creates such a difference when edited.


It is always a good thing to create personalized editing tools. This app allows users to curate textures, filters, and adjustments that could match their style for more authentic finishes in images.

Distressed FX

Turning digital photos into paintings? Are you going for that oil-based or acrylic painting look? The Distressed FX app may be the best to use. For only a small amount, digital images can be turned to look like something handpainted.

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