6 Obscure Low Competition Blog Niches You Can Try Out

So you’re looking to get into blogging but don’t know what to cover.

Or more specifically, you’re looking around and seeing way too many other blogs doing what you want to do. That can be disheartening.

There’s always room in almost every niche for another blogger. But it’s a good idea to find a unique angle to build your audience first. That means a “fitness” blog might be too generic, but a “paleo fitness” blog might be specific enough to work.

Now let’s say you want to get even more specific. You want a niche that’s untapped and ready for new content.

This post will cover 6 untapped low competition niches that any blogger can try. All of these niches certainly have some competition, but if you follow our tips before starting then you can carve a slice for yourself and build a trusted brand for your blog.

1. Writing

The act of blogging is mostly just writing. But I’m not suggesting that you make a blog about blogging… that’s been done to Pluto and back.

Instead look for other areas of writing that haven’t been touched as much.

You might write tips about fiction, poetry writing, essay writing, or even teaching proper writing techniques like grammar and sentence structure.

To go a little more specific you could also cover a specific branch of creative writing. Think screenplays like Good in a Room or fiction books like Nownovel.

NowNovel Blog

If you already enjoy writing then you know you’ll love blogging and you’ll love your blog’s topic.

The only part left is figuring out how to monetize your blog and develop a trusted brand around your writing work.

2. Odd Pets(Not Dogs & Cats!)

I can’t tell you how many dog & cat blogs are out there. These must be the most popular niches for any pet blog on the web.

But those are not the only pets you can own.

Quite the contrary, there’s a whole world of pets out there that deserve awesome coverage on a great blog.

Fish in fishtank

If you own any pets outside of the traditional dogs & cats then you might find this niche intriguing. Here are some examples just to get you thinking:

  • Fish
  • Birds
  • Terrarium pets
  • Critters(ex: chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils etc)

If you have a bunch of oddball pets you could even combine those topics together onto one blog. That sounds pretty awesome!

Anyone who’s never owned a fish tank or who’s never taken care of a pet snake will look to the Internet for answers.

Your blog could be the one that solves problems and helps people move forward with their new lovable friend.

3. Advancing Tech

Okay, so starting a tech blog isn’t really new or unique. But you can definitely find a niche for yourself with up-and-coming technology.

Think about Mashable. That was just a rinky-dink blog covering social media back in 2005. But that was back before social media really blew up… it was an advancing technology.

Fast forward to over a decade since launch and Mashable is now a massive resource for everything social media, news, and tech.

Mashable blog homepage

The same can be said of TechCrunch since their history follows a similar path. Started as just a blog and quickly grew into the premiere news site for everything startup related.

So what is the next stage of advancing tech?

Nobody can say for sure but you know it when you see it.

For example in the past 10 years I’ve seen the web design space blow up and there’s a lot more competition for design blogs today than a decade ago ago. That’s just one example.

Some bloggers may shoot for VR, others may get into wearables or AI or new trending devices.

The rapid advancement of technology means you’ll rarely run out of things to write about. Plus there’s always new inventions coming out so there’s always room for new bloggers to get into the tech arena given the right angle.

4. Arts & Crafts

The broad subject of arts & crafts could basically cover anything craftsy. And that’s the real beauty of this niche.

You could target something specific like a sewing blog or some type of upholstery blog. Or maybe you’re really into watercolors or illustration work.

In that case you might create your own art blog with a focus on watercolor painting or illustration techniques.

And there are plenty of guides to help you launch an art blog from scratch, even if you’ve never used WordPress before in your life. So don’t think that just because you’re a creative craftsy-artsy person that you can’t figure out WordPress.

The beauty of any arts & crafts blog is that you choose how large it should be.

Painting demo for blog

Want to just cover watercolor painting? You can do that.

Want to cover painting, sewing, and crocheting? You can do that too.

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Follow whatever you think you can write about and use that as your starting point. That’ll help define your audience and help you build a following that loves what you write.

5. Culture & Fandoms

This niche could also relate to general pop culture because it has so much space to grow. That’s why I recommend it for anyone interested in culture: it’s a subject that has a lot of smaller niches inside.

Think about all the different fandoms in the world. From TV shows to popular movies, video games, comic books, cartoons, even novels like Harry Potter.

There’s a lot to love about culture and you could write about all of it on a fun culture-themed blog.

Within this niche there are so many sub-niches too. For example cosplay is large enough that you could create a blog just devoted to cosplay tips, costume making techniques, everything.

You could delve into new games, new movies, and share your thoughts in personal review posts or in sponsored posts.

Each person may structure this niche in a different way. It could lean heavily towards music, or towards animated movies, or maybe offer a mixture of a few fandoms. Cartoon Brew is one example of a niche animation-focused blog.

Cartoon Brew Blog

No absolute right or wrong answers with this niche.

The key is to research demand to make sure people are searching for content that you’d write. If you’re covering subjects that just out there in Google but have a high search demand then you know you’ll do pretty well.

6. Organization

I’ve yet to find a better term for this niche, but it seems like a really big one.

The general idea of getting organized & planning your life seems enticing to so many. Who doesn’t want more organization in their general day-to-day?

If you search around you can find a few other blogs in this area. IHeart Organizing is one, along with Bowl Full of Lemons. Yet both cover organization from different angles.

BowlOfLemons Blog

So this niche isn’t totally untapped but would be easy to enter with the right angle.

Maybe you can help people organize their homes in a different way, or share cool DIY tutorials for building organizational furniture. Both have their merits and both will put your blog on the map.

Keep all of this in mind when you’re picking a niche and be sure to trust your gut!

You’ll know a niche fits with your goals when you get excited just thinking of it & feel psyched to build your blog one post at a time.

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  • Hi Jake,

    Thousands of blogs are started everyday therefor there are numerous blogs on alomost every niche. Your article solves a real problem for those who want to start blogging but can’t think up a suitable topic.

    The niches you have suggested are really low competition and promise quick growth to anyone who blogs in an imformed and diligent way. You have done a great job compiling this list.

    Thanks for sharing your insights with us. Have great day!


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