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Online Writing Tools to Help Enhance Your Blogging

Online Writing Tools to Help Enhance Your Blogging

online writing tools

Tools are important for any profession to enhance production and creativity. Continuing education will keep you relevant and up to speed in the ever-changing environment around you. For writers, having writing tools will keep them up to new trends and stay in tune with their readers while making use of every second of their time working smarter, not harder.

Creating content in any form is meant to be an enjoyable time, not a chore. Making use of inexpensive, and most of the time free applications to add to your creative routine can make all the difference with not only your time but your mindset.

The tools do not stop at the list below, there are endless web browser plug ings and applications to help improve your workflow and content creation. With that being said, below are six that are great starting points to add to your writing.


If you don’t already have a grammar plugin on your browser, it’s a lifesaver. While you still need to do your own due diligence with editing and proofreading, having a plugin like Grammarly can be a huge help in taking care of everything that obviously needs an edit quickly, saving you time. The chrome extension and application are free and cover all the basic grammar needs throughout the writing process. But a paid upgraded version also exists that focuses more closely on sentence structure.

Hemingway App

Similar to Grammarly, Hemingway App is helpful for improving your writing structure. Instead of focusing on grammar, Hemingway Editor focuses on sentence structure and readability rather than checking if it simply works from a textbook side of things. It highlights in a color-coded fashion, making you as the writer aware of any lengthy, complex sentences or weakening words that could be replaced so that you can better articulate your wording.

Google Workspace

It may seem like an obvious tool, but many people do not know all of the included benefits of these applications. There are hidden gems all over that make your life easier from a business standpoint. Writers can integrate calendars, sheets, analytics, and so much more. Collaborations are made easy with sharing features in all Google Workplace applications.


With Writeroom, there are zero distractions. It takes everything around you and gives you an easy and comfortable space to focus on writing rather than your notifications of the world around you. If you are easily knocked off task, or just want a more dedicated focus time, Writeroom can help with that. Additionally, writers find it a great addition to their writing routine.

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Note-taking and management do not have to always be pen and paper. Evernote makes not only quick to-do lists and note-taking easy, but it pairs well with other apps like Google Docs. Integration between applications creates a seamless workspace rather than a jumble of numerous tabs on your computer. With Evernote you can add more than just text to your notes, you can include files, photos, videos, and any other helpful artifacts to keep your notes organized in one place. It also has a keyword search tab to quickly find the correct note so you don’t have to worry about scrolling to find it.

It goes without saying, but extending your vocabulary will take you far in life, including within your writing process. Using a more diverse vocabulary creates a richer and more interesting read for your readers. The benefits of expanding your vocabulary as an adult are great for comprehension because learning should never end. Using a thesaurus is a great writing tool to keep you on track. This way you keep working rather than stay stuck. You will have the options for that word in seconds. This allows you to continue on your train of thought when writing.

Wrap Up

Having multiple helpful tools in your figurative, or digital, the toolbox will transform your writing form from good to great. Tools to enhance your writing craft can make you a stronger and more confident writer. Adding these tools to your writing routine will take your writing to the next level.

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