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How To Optimize Pinterest for Blogging

How To Optimize Pinterest for Blogging

It is true that a lot of websites have had high traffic success by simply optimizing Pinterest. We have never noticed it but Pinterest is the third-largest search engine in the world. A lot of readers like getting visuals for what they search, and Pinterest gives that to them. Are they thinking of redesigning their homes? You are thinking of finding some design or concept inspiration for your new website? Do the readers want to do something DIY? Planning a garden? And now that aesthetics and vibes are so on-trend, maximizing your presence on Pinterest will surely get your blog an entire roster of new readers.

So, if you are a blogger thinking of optimizing Pinterest for Blogging, here are some tips for you:

Make a board – always the first step

Every popular website on the internet has a presence on Pinterest because, by statistics, it can surely drive traffic to your blog. The best way to optimize Pinterest as a platform, as with any other social media platform, is to create content within it. To do this on Pinterest, you must create a Pinterest board. You can do this in many different ways but the simplest is to create one pin for every post. Now, we don’t want to overload a board and bombard it with too many posts or create one board for your entire blog. You can categorize your blog’s content and create multiple boards for similar topics or categories.

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Connect your Pinterest to your blog

We use Pinterest so we can drive organic traffic from the platform to your blog, right? But, doing it the other way around is also a good idea. Put in a “Pin It” button on your blog so that your readers can pin your content to their boards. This is good engagement and creates an incredible ripple effect on traffic success.

RePin similar content from other content creators

RePinning similar content from other creators is good engagement. It is as helpful for them as it is for you. It is very refreshing for your followers to find rePins that align with their interests. Another option for this is to also follow fellow bloggers, industry leaders, and famous personalities on Pinterest. This way their followers can also find you, and maybe drive traffic into your blog.

Images are the MAIN point of pin boards

To have a presence on Pinterest, you must have a visually appealing board. You can create multiple boards for multiple topics. But, if you want your readers to click through your blog, you must be able to stand out. Images are heavily important for bloggers who want to maximize the platform. There are even case studies online that show the relationship between re-pins to image height, that is how important images are to Pinterest.

Sharpen your infographic-making skills

What you will normally notice for websites that use Pinterest to hook in organic traffic is that a majority of them use infographics to summarize their post, use these as the main image, and poof – a great pin for their board. Since Pinterest thrives on images, banking on the visuals is essential to Pinterest SEO. Pinterest is not useful just for lifestyle, fashion, food, or DIY blogs. If you have a descriptive and educational blog, using infographics will do you well. There are multiple free-to-use infographic-making websites online like Canva.

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Try to optimize different “kinds”of Pins, especially Video Pins

A good way to have a successful Pinterest presence is through optimizing different kinds of Pins. There are a lot but the most common are App Pins, Article Pins, Product Pins, and Recipe Pins. The latest addition to these would be the Video pin and this may be one that proves to be most enticing. Why Video Pins? It is eye-catching and appealing for readers. Also, it is very fun to make.

Just imagine the success of social media platforms like TikTok that thrive on short personal videos. So successful that even Instagram has its own “Reels” now.

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Create highly searchable pins

Of course, for you to get new followers, you must have highly searchable content. The good thing is there are multiple discussions online for Pinterest SEO techniques.

Engage your following

Just like in any social media platform, getting an organic following requires engagement. Now, engaging is not just posting pins and content consistently. It is about actively participating with your followers. You can start by liking and replying to comments. You can also create contests that will direct your followers to your blog.

Or, if you really want engagement why not follow them back? If you find something of theirs that is truly interesting, why not rePin their boards? Also, following back followers can help you in checking out their interests so you can get an idea of the topics they like. This way, you would have new ideas for your next content and your followers will appreciate you acknowledging them.

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