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Personal Blogs to Follow to Stimulate the Writer in You 

Personal Blogs to Follow to Stimulate the Writer in You 

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If you are an aspiring writer, you must know that there are thousands of others like you looking for inspiration. Good news! There are a number of great personal blogs whose purpose is to help stimulate creative and talented writers like you and me. Everyone, even the greats, needs inspiration sometimes. It’s also important to see different points of view and diversify your learning and writing styles that you read.

Below are 7 are of my favorite personal blogs geared toward writing and personal development.

7 Favorites

  • Riskology

Author Tyler Tervooren created Riskology to showcase the best practices to thrive in the world no matter what your goals are. Though this blog is not directly about writing or the writing process, it can be especially helpful for new writers because Tyler helps you find your voice through his posts and his previous real-life experience. As an introvert, he found and followed his own advice to put himself in the hot seat to become vulnerable with his followers. For aspiring writers, reading his blog can help to find who you want to be as an author, and other blogs that focus on writing can help you hone those skills to make it all come together.

  • The Creative Penn

Joanna Penn is a USA Today and New York Times bestselling author. She writes about self-publishing, marketing, and book writing in general. She has over a decade of useful experience to help foster your publishing journey. Penn also puts out content in audio mediums, such as her podcast to break into multiple streaming platforms.

  • James Clear

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of this author’s book Atomic Habits. His blog, which is just his full name is very easy to find. He has millions of followers and shares his best practices for becoming a better version, and author, of yourself. James Clear is not only a blogger, but a life coach, photographer, and entrepreneur. He specializes in writing about building better habits, managing your time like a pro, and upping your decision-making game. No matter what stage you are in within your writing process, you will absolutely benefit from giving his blog a read.

  • The Write Life

The Write Life is great for freelancers. While it offers the best tips for writing successful copy, it covers how to make money blogging and freelancing—properly using SEO, marketing, and publishing your own book. This is also a great resource for freelance writers, as it dives into the best ways to make money as a freelancer.

  • Jerry Jenkins

Best for professional writing tips, Jerry Jenkins has published over 200 books and is a New York Times best-selling author. There is a free writing assessment so that the blog can meet you where you are, as every journey is different. There are courses offered as well since the goal of the blog is to have each writer reach their full potential. Jerry’s goal is to help foster the minds of writers that have a goal of being successful. Whether that be through personal growth or published work.

See Also
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  • Jane Friedman

This blog is great for both new and experienced bloggers and writers. She focuses more on the publishing aspect of the book-writing and blogging process. She writes tips for publishing the traditional way, or by self-publishing. Friedman reports on the book writing process and the best practices for aspiring writers. She does this so they can better understand the publication process themselves rather than going in blindly.

  • Live Write Thrive

C.S Lakin takes pride in helping writers thrive. She gears her blog towards teaching how to be a successful writer as well as the ins and outs of the publication and editing process. She herself is a critiquer in her day job. This means she takes full manuscripts and completes a critique of them before they are ready for any editing or going further in the publication process.

Wrap up

Now that you have a roster of great writing-focused personal blogs, you can continue in your writing journey by finding your own best practices and infusing them with the proven best practices of others. Use them to your advantage to learn more and more each day while stimulating your creative passion for writing.

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