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Is PPC For Your Blog To Get Traffic Worth the Cost?

Is PPC For Your Blog To Get Traffic Worth the Cost?

Blog PPC: is it worth the cost?

A paid search advertising campaign, sometimes called PPC (short for pay-per-click, which is the term that means an advertiser only pays on a per click basis, when a person clicks on their ad), are used by webmasters and marketers to push traffic to their websites and e-commerce sites. For many, the traffic they receive translates into massive amounts of sales or traffic, which not only brings more sales, but can allow the website to grow their online influence.

When it comes to blogging, more traffic from PPC campaigns have a lot of benefits, including:

  • Charge higher rates to website advertisers
  • Grow number of returning readers/users
  • Drive sign-ups for newsletters or giveaways
  • Promote important posts that highlight a new company service or event
  • Grow engagement through more social shares and comments, as more traffic usually equals more audience engagement.

For the majority of blogs, PPC ads aren’t used to drive product sales. Because of this, it can be hard to justify the cost. While Google AdWords occasionally sends out credits and coupon codes for beginning PPC advertisers, starting a blog PPC campaign requires know-how, patience, and initial cost.

Getting Started

If you don’t know how to build, launch, and maintain a PPC campaign, it is worthwhile to either pay someone to do it for you or to learn the entire process yourself. Google offers an AdWords certification program, as does Bing. In Google’s case, even though there is a cost to become certified, you can view the majority of the course materials for free. This can help you begin to craft a PPC campaign.

Available Platforms

It’s important to note that even though search engines are the main place for PPC campaigns, Twitter and Facebook also offer advertising (and Pinterest is also beginning to roll it out). This is a good solution if you want to target a specific demographic, based on their interests or profile details, like age or location. Facebook occasionally also offers promo codes for new advertisers as well.

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Charting Results

In order to make sure any PPC campaign is worth its cost, be sure to track its traffic. Use UTM tags to verify when traffic is coming from PPC ads in Google Analytics and make sure it can be tracked all the way to a company’s other external pages that are outside of the blog, such as products or contact us. When you have analytical proof of your results, your PPC campaigns are much more likely to become invaluable.


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  • There are many advertising services on the internet and it’s up to the user to try and take his/her conclusions. However it can be pretty much as in real life: You get what you pay for.
    A good service will provide a good marketing strategy for the less experienced user.
    However, the number of sales will be often related to the kind of product or service that is announced. It’s also important to know how to target the right public, which is often hard to perceive.
    One can even throw a funny example: If a woman has to choose between decorating herself or her house, the jeweler will win :-)


    • I tottaly agree with you Jose. Its really up to the user to try. I love your funny example.

  • It’s really a useless conversation to go into the specifics of to fix any
    of these particular elements in PPC or landing pages etc…there are so
    many ins and outs to online marketing nowadays the most important thing
    you can do as a business owner is start working with a company that really
    knows what they are doing, has solid communication, and is able to work
    with you to make sure key metrics are being measured and more customers are
    being sold your products at the end of the day. Honeestly this stuff
    changes everyday, I tried to keep up with it for a while, but i ended up
    working with John over at results driven marketing after one of my friends
    referred me to have them setup some remarketing for my shopify store. Real
    smart dude, if its any help to anyone else call them at 325-446-1507 since
    they helped out my biz a lot and I’m always willing to pass along a
    referral to someone who takes pride in what they do.

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