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Real Ways For Bloggers To Make Money Online Aside from Blogging

Real Ways For Bloggers To Make Money Online Aside from Blogging

Of the estimated 500 million blogs online, only a handful are generating six- to seven-figure incomes per month. These are the likes of Arianna Huffington, Mike Arrington and Pete Cashmore, in the million-dollar marks, and Pat Flynn of, and Michelle of, earning over $100,000 a month, to name some.

Most bloggers are not as savvy in blogging or as committed to their blogs, for various reasons. They are not maximizing the potential of their blogs, with too much time and effort gone to waste, or they’re not serious enough, like posting at irregular intervals, or writing articles that do not offer valuable information. If you have a blog but would like extra income from online sources aside from blogging, here are some ways to do it, at your own time and pace:

1. Teach English online.

The internet and technological advances have changed the way English as a second language (ESL) is being taught and why learning the lingua franca is now a sought-after skill. Young and old people from China, South Korea, Japan, and the Middle East countries make up the bulk of students for ESL. Online teaching has become very popular, opening up money-making opportunities for bloggers with English teaching skills. In the US, home-based online teachers can earn $12 to $24 per hour.

2. Do tasks on GPT websites.

If you can take on mind-numbing work, go to legitimate get-paid-to sites that pay for online surveys, reading emails, going to websites, watching videos, do offers, and other mini-tasks. Check for site’s authenticity to avoid getting scammed. Many GPT websites accept only workers within a geographical location, such as the US or Canada. Pay ranges from $1-$5 per task. Try Pinecone Research, Cash Crate, Swagbucks, Ipsos iSay, and MyPoints for GPT work.

3. Be a social media specialist.

Companies know that a social media presence is necessary for them to remain competitive. But the wrong use of social media platforms can harm rather than promote a business. Hence, social media managers and marketers are in demand for short-term or long-term outsourced work. Learn the specialized skills in key social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to qualify for a job. These positions pay from $7-$26 per hour, for 10-30 hours per week, a good way to supplement your income from blogging.

4. Go into Forex trading.

To get into this field, you must have some capital and knowledge about the financial market and how it works. Trading companies often provide tutorials for their accountholders. Start with a demo account to find out which strategy you are comfortable with. Demo accounts allow you to simulate orders to buy and sell without risk. However, they cannot totally mimic live trading since volatility comes into play in actual market conditions. Forex trading, played astutely, is a good way for your money to grow. It can be done online, in your home, and in addition to your blogging.

5. Be a courier.

If you don’t want to be an Uber or Lyft driver (although there’s good money on these ridesharing enterprises,) you can be a courier instead. The on-demand culture has given birth to apps that deliver almost anything. There are apps for delivery of groceries, food, and drinks, packages within a neighborhood, flowers, medicines and even cannabis. To be a courier, download the app you choose and sign up for the fleet. Pay is per task completed.

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6. Test websites.

Bloggers make good website testers because they are proficient in English and have the basic equipment required – a computer, reliable internet connection, and an updated web browser. Website owners want honest feedback about their sites to improve users’ experience and fix problems; hence, website testers.

To become a tester, apply at sites for website testing. If accepted, your job is to give your opinion of the site’s usability and provide feedback via audio recording. Payments vary and are done through PayPal.

7. Be an online juror.

As a mock online juror, you will be given legal cases to review, and you’ll answer a questionnaire. Attorneys trying a case often want a mock juror before the actual court date to get a general sentiment about the case, reveal strengths and weaknesses they may have missed, and get an estimated settlement value. Online jurors help lawyers and legal professionals in their decision-making, and in mediating and settling disputes. There are many online jury sites to apply to, and if you meet the criteria, you will be notified of a case that fits your demographics.

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