8 Reasons Blogging And SEO Should Be Taught In Schools Now

blogging and seo

When it comes to education, a lot of schools and curricula often struggle and find it hard to incorporate new and modern things in their system. While there might be some exceptional universities or schools that are quick to update their educational systems to the current digital standards, often these are private schools or Ivy Leagues. Of course, this depends on where you live, but more often than not, most school curricula lack blogging and SEO in their plans.
Which is why it is important that school executives, teachers, and even students understand the importance and relevance of blogging and SEO in schools. There is already a booming market right now for blogging and even freelance writing, though it still remains a niche for a lot of writers and graduates. Hence, proper introduction through schools should be mandatory if the industry is to improve a lot further than where it is. So, we have compiled a list of reasons why blogging and SEO should be taught in schools today:

It improves literacy

Reading is one thing, but applying what you have learned through reading can improve your literacy by leaps and bounds. It just so happens that one of the best ways to do this inconsequentially is with blogging. If school systems were to integrate digital or online writing (that includes blogging) in their education, then there is a big chance that literacy for all students would improve significantly to the point where they would be contributing to those who seek English homework help instead of of being the ones on the receiving end.

As well as Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills

blogging and seo
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The thing about blogging is it’s not just about writing and being creative, it is also about optimizing your footprints in the online space. That means, to some degree, learning how to code or use some website mapping and acrobatics, particularly with the links. Eventually, you get to learn more than just writing and content creation, you also learn that videos, photos, and other media form the bigger picture in which blogging is part of. Students will definitely have a lot of uses for such skills.

Also improves creativity

Being cooped up in an urban environment with a scarce view of nature can certainly whittle down one’s imagination. Hence, most writers are often more inspired by rural environments. One way to alleviate this is to encourage a creative release at a young age. Blogging allows for creativity and the opportunity to explore, especially for a lot of students who often feel boxed up in the classroom. We are also not just talking about being creative with your homework help answers, but actual content creation and literary works.

It teaches responsibility

blogging and seo
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The online space can certainly be toxic, take one good look at social media and that becomes too apparent. However, blogging can actually teach a lot of people how to be a responsible member of online communities. Both writing and blogging conditions the minds of students that they are accountable for their actions and that those also have consequences, assuming they use their real names in blogs.

Blogging and SEO skills are in demand

Modern economy is quite bad and seems to be getting worse with the job market being reflective of this financial predicament. There simply are not enough jobs around, that is, until you take a look at the online marketing industry. There, digital marketing, among other opportunities, have made blogging and SEO writing in demand. So it is only logical that a lot of universities equip their paying students with skills that are in demand in the online market.

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It is a legitimate industry

blogging and seo
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It may not be as active as going to work in an office and having lunch outdoors since most blogging and SEO jobs can be done from the comfort of your home. However, a lot of bloggers have made blogging their exclusive bread and butter, meaning it does pay off, in some cases even more so than a non-online job. That does depend on your knowledge of a relatively new skill set made possible by the internet.

Blogging can increase confidence

It may be different for certain types of people, but generally, blogging, as well as SEO writing, encourages constructive online interaction. Be it through criticisms, comments, or suggestions for improvement or optimization, the interaction is there. This can encourage a lot of students to be more outspoken about their opinions and views which may not necessarily be about blogging but something else. In a sense, it does promote critical thinking.

It is a productive use for modern technology

blogging and SEO
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Digital devices are more than just gizmos for showing off, entertainment, or apps. They are an investment, and for investments, you would want a return, meaning you want to be productive with them, otherwise, you might be throwing away that hard earned cash, unless you bought them as gifts. Blogging and SEO writing are actually some of the most efficient ways of being productive with modern technology, this includes computers, laptops, and mobile phones. So instead of teaching students to procrastinate in social media, they can use their devices to get jobs and improve their skills.

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