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The Reasons Why Blogging for Profit over Passion Will Lead You to Failure

The Reasons Why Blogging for Profit over Passion Will Lead You to Failure

I sincerely enjoy blogging about making money online and profitable business ideas. I get a rush discussing the endless possibilities and encouraging others to do their best and go for it. We oftentimes become consumed with business and the desire to get rich and make it big blogging or whatever else we decide to do. Spending countless hours searching for products and systems that work, we forget what it is that we’re called to do. Each of us has unique DNA which help determine the paths we take in life, whether it’s in relationships, career or business. The things we focus most of our energy on.

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Unfortunately, our obsession with making money quite easily steers us from who we really are, as we lose sight of what we truly want of life and what connects with us on a spiritual and truly fulfilling level.

You’ll see me blog a lot about the foundations of making money online and how to approach your blogging business. Trying to exploit the many opportunities present in marketing, search engines and social media. On my blogging journey, I’ve made a startling discovery from looking back at my failures, successes and other bloggers’ experiences. It hit me hard that my reasons for doing everything in life powerfully determined the outcome. The quick money makers made a profit many times but the potential for long-term success wasn’t all that great, simply because of the overbearing make money mindset and ignoring my own DNA.

Let me shed some light on this.

Blogging Fueled by Passion Guarantees Success

That’s right, I said guarantee. Success, however, is relative and depends on an individual’s perspective of what ultimate success and achievement in life really means.

Whichever blogging idea you can quickly come up with is certain to have been thought of by another blogger at some point. Originality will not come from your idea itself but your approach and execution. Your level of execution and attention to details that truly matter will be more powerful if you’re passionate about the subject matter. Finding profitable systems and niches to blog in are great and will yield some profit. However, choosing topics to blog of which you have no real interest or passion for will show in your content and the overall quality of your site will suffer.

It’s a mind-numbing experience trying to blog about things of which you’re completely disconnected, regardless of how profitable they. Exploitation of profit loopholes and hyped up topics of no sincere interest to you will, in short order, destroy your drive to do anything. You’ll hit a brick wall and your business flat lines. You achieve a short-lived gain. If you can’t see yourself doing it for the rest of your life and maintaining it is somewhat a burden, have an exit strategy that allows you to cash out and transfer the value of the venture to someone else. Do not wait until you crash from burnout.

A lack of passion and genuine love for what you do may be a reason why so many bloggers fail.

The Passionate Blogger

The passionate blogger is able to use every ounce energy to build a business without ever really getting tired. There will be no stone left unturned until the desired results are obtained and he/she will have the drive and tenacity to endure until victory. Such a victory is the most fulfilling kind and is attainable for the passionate blogger.

The New Age of Content Marketing

As a passionate writer, your blog marketing strategy is going to have to kick it up a notch in 2014. You can’t simply throw up a site with mediocre copied content and expect it to rank in search engines and capture the attention and investment of users. You have to go a step further. I suggest:

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1. Think Quality Over Quantity – The more content you write will not help you rank better on its own since there are so many other signals which affect virality and search engine presence. Spend more time on the end product versus speed and institute mechanisms that encourage users to share your content and subscribe.

2. Write Guides That Impact – Create free, downloadable 3,000+ word guides that go above and beyond anything else to deliver actionable and impactful content that changes lives. Just look at what Neil Patel is doing with the guides he creates. Your audience should not think or be the same after reading your stuff. That’s what makes shareable content that drives traffic and success.

3. Everybody is Relevant – Do not pay attention to the rate at which your blog grows but make every single visitor feel important and valued. If you’re only getting 5 targeted visitors per day to your site, ensure that you’re making lasting long-term connections. Each happy reader or client will add to an avalanche of profits, value and success in the long run. 5 paying customers is better than 1,000 random, disinterested blog visitors. Engage your relationships wisely.

Of course, none of this can be accomplished and sustained without drive and genuine passion. Don’t be fooled.

The main takeaway here is that you should pursue the things that ignite your passions. Life along with the challenge of growing your blog becomes 100 times easier regardless of how much work you have to pour in. Money is not success but a life well spent will never lead you to pine over regrets.

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  • Just to add a little something to this, it also helps if people blog and market what they know rather than what they think will make money. I see so many posts and questions from people about what niche they should be in and it’s all irrelevant if they don’t know what they’re talking about or don’t really care. Nice job.

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