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5 Steps to Repurpose Your Blog Content into a Presentation

5 Steps to Repurpose Your Blog Content into a Presentation

5 Steps to Repurpose Your Blog Content into a Presentation

Your blog shouldn’t be just a one and done thing.

Once you’ve written your post and promote it to the right channels, you’re not supposed to just let it settle and collect dust.

If you want to make the most of your posts, you need to find a way to increase the ROI of your blog posts.

There are different ways such as optimizing your post for organic search so Google users will find it in search results. You can also update the information in your post to keep it fresh and increase the chances of ranking it higher for its target keyword.

You’re probably doing these things anyway, so you need a different approach.

Well, how about repurposing your blog content into a presentation?

In this post, you will learn the steps you need to follow to turn your blog post in a slide deck presentation.

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1. Choose best performing posts

You want to repurpose content that receives the most traffic. The fact that lots of readers visit these posts means that people find value in them. Therefore, you need to double down on these posts to provide your readers with even more value.

To know which posts receive the most traffic, hop onto your Google Analytics and check out your traffic. You will immediately see the posts that generated the most traffic since last month. Check the top pages and see which you should repurpose into a slide presentation.

Choose the post that benefits from being turned into a visual presentation. Some information is better seen and read. For example, instead of forcing your audience to read statistics, maybe they’d want to see the statistics presented in a more visual manner instead. This is precisely what slide presentation can do for your blog content!

2. Choose a platform on how to create the presentation

You can easily create a slide deck using Microsoft Powerpoint or open source productivity suites like OpenOffice or even a free account of WPS Office.

The problem with creating slide presentation is the graphics. Assuming that you have no design experience, creating an attractive and stunning presentation will be an uphill battle for you. However, the idea of creating a slide deck is to present your content in a visually compelling manner. This reason is why you need to make the design as beautiful as its content.

If you plan on sticking on the aforementioned platforms above, you might as well consider using free PowerPoint templates so you don’t have to start from scratch. Use upload the template, furnish it with your content, and save.


Also, you may want to use tools like Canva or Visme to make it easier for you to develop your slide deck.

3. Reformat your blog post into a slide deck

Since your blog post is too long to just copy and paste into your slideshow presentation, you need to trim down the fat by reducing the words of your blog post without compromising its message.

In particular, you must turn the post into an outline to identify its sticking points. Also, choose accompanying visuals that will help explain the points for you. There’s a reason why people still maintain the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

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At the end of the slide, don’t forget to include a call to action that readers will do after finishing your slide. It could be a link to the full post, your sales page, or anything. The idea is to sustain the engagement so you can get them to become a rabid follower of your blog or a customer.

4. Upload your slide deck on SlideShare


SlideShare is the premier online platform where slide decks, presentations, and infographics are uploaded by users. The point of uploading content on SlideShare is to share it with the engaged users of the platform.

Once uploaded, you can share the slide deck on social media to attract more visitors to your presentation and build your brand further.

5. Embed slide on your blog post

For your presentation to come full circle, you need to use SlideShare’s embed feature and paste the code into the blog post that you repurpose to create the slide deck. Doing so lets you provide a visual representation of the blog post, thus giving visitors an option on how to view your content online. They can even decide to download the slide deck if they want a copy of your content so we can view it even offline.

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