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How Social Media Paid Ads Can Boost Blog Post Promotion

How Social Media Paid Ads Can Boost Blog Post Promotion

Social Media Paid Ads

Some bloggers seem to avoid expenses and rely on organic traffic for their blogs. Yes, it’s achievable. You can even promote content for free yourself if you have the time and patience for it.

But it’ll probably take you months or even years to finally see the best results you’re aiming for. Even though you follow the best practices and techniques for your blog, there are other options you can take.

Social media paid ads is one of them. Facebook being the most popular, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are among the channels you can use to create advertisements. In this post, you’ll understand more about them and how you can use them to create more awareness and reach more people within your targeted audience which will ultimately bring you, followers.


Businesses that are active on Facebook assume that everyone who follows their page can always see what they post. But mostly, that’s not always the case.

Facebook has already dominated the social media advertising with its excessive targeting options and a wide variety of the types of ads you can use and show. Creating Facebook ads as a beginner can be overwhelming, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be boosting your blog’s traffic more than what it normally gets. Benefits Cosmetics has shared how venturing on Facebook ads has “efficiently reached (their) target consumers, and delivered custom messages at scale, exceeding all brand lift metrics.”

Facebook is very much blogger friendly. They even developed Facebook Pixel where marketers can remarket once again to those people who’ve clicked and visited their site through a Facebook ad.


Being the microblogging social media site, Twitter now has over 328 million active users. With this amount of active users, bloggers can develop their own Twitter marketing strategy that will enable them to connect with their audience. In creating Twitter ads, you should first introduce yourself because promoting yourself to people who don’t know you. Additionally, Twitter only allows for limited characters on tweets, so your call to action must also be short. For your ad, try to use “read more” or “know more” as your CTA.

There are several types of Twitter ads that can help get your blog more value. To get the most out of your ads, learn how to bid effectively, and always refine your targeting.


instagram influencer marketing

Instagram is a highly visual social media channel. Meaning, most of the content it has are either videos or photos. Now, maybe you think what Instagram can do to help your blog if it’s more of the pictures and not articles. The thing is, Instagram allows for website clicks and website conversion as objectives for your Instagram ad campaign.

With over 500 million active users, Instagram is built around audiences with short attention span. So the challenge now is how to advertise in Instagram by capturing their interest immediately when you show your ad. Setting up Instagram ads requires you to login to Facebook first. You can’t escape this one as Facebook already bought Instagram, you will need to go to your Facebook Ads Manager to manage your Instagram ads.

A study conducted by Instagram themselves reveals that 75% of their users say that they take actions like visiting sites, searching, or telling a friend after seeing an Instagram post. This shows that even as a blogger, exploring Instagram can give you good results too.


Pinterest has gained popularity since it first roared in the social media world back in 2011. Promoted pins are what you call ads on Pinterest, and they have two types of campaigns namely engagement and traffic campaign. If your primary goal is for people to go directly to your blog, then you can choose traffic campaign. Setting up conversion tags will let you know what people do after they click on your ad where you can get valuable insights that you can use in your future campaigns.

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Learn and understand how to maximize what Pinterest ads can do for your blog and remember that when running a traffic campaign always use a highly targeted traffic options.


Picking the best channel is the first step to getting more exposure to your blog. And considering that new social platforms like TikTok are gaining more steam, you have your work cut out for you.

However, your blog will always be the foundation of your marketing. A quality one would still be what you should achieve. No matter how good your ads are, when your actual blog is not on par with the quality standards most bloggers have set, then ads will just be a waste of money.

We hope this post has cleared some things about social media paid ads and get you to start your own!

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