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Starting a Blog? Get to Know the Basic Costs First

Starting a Blog? Get to Know the Basic Costs First

Individuals, business owners and organizations today recognize the importance of blogging as a way to reach out to their audience and share valuable information. Many companies in various industries have also created blogs in addition to their existing websites.

There are many benefits to be gained from blogging. For individuals, it allows them to express their views and share their personal experiences from which other people can learn. For businesses, it enables them to engage with their target market, promote their products and services and eventually reach their sales goals. In fact, latest statistics have confirmed that a company blog can achieve long-term and a higher ROI compared to the traditional marketing methods.

Indeed, blogging is a powerful marketing tool to use. But for those who are still contemplating on starting a blog, there are several factors to seriously consider. Research and careful planning are essential.

One of the most important considerations is the financial aspect. While it’s possible to create a blog without having to spend much through the free blogging platforms, it is best to make an investment on the paid services to have a more professional-looking and fully functional blog moving forward.

The most basic things to invest on are your equipment or hardware, software, domain name, hosting service and blog design. The hardware aspect can include several devices other than a laptop depending on the type of blog and content you want to focus on.


The hardware is of prime importance. You will need a laptop or desktop computer whichever suits you. Or you can have both as well for your convenience.

Those who frequently travel will need to invest in a good laptop. This will allow you to do your work even while away from home. A basic laptop will do but if you’re into storing large files of photos and videos, a laptop with a wide screen, strong processor and huge memory would make you work faster and more efficiently.

You will also need to have a high quality camera or smartphone with a good camera so you can take great photos. This is of utmost importance if you want to start a blog focusing on travel, food and art.

Software Tools

For the software, every blogger should invest in an efficient anti-virus program. This will ensure that your computer as well as your blog and articles don’t get infected by viruses and malware.

Using the right plugins is another important consideration. You need to make sure that your blog is interactive to encourage visitors to regularly check your site and share their thoughts through the comments section. The plugins are also helpful in blocking spam messages and backing up your site’s content in case there’s trouble. And while there are free plugins available, you can choose certain paid ones to achieve an interactive and secure site moving forward.

Hosting and Domain

Finding a reliable hosting service should also be in your top priority. There’s a great number of hosting companies online these days but be sure to go only for the trusted company that can ensure your blog will stay online with less down times. Choose a company that provides sincere customer support as well.

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The hosting can cost around $20 for a monthly fee. If you want to take advantage of advanced features, you will have to pay more. You can also check the company if they offer a package for both hosting and domain. Many hosting services offer a free domain name which could give you more savings. Th domain name is vital in establishing your brand identity online hence, choose wisely.

It should be easy to transact your hosting, domain name and software requirements as they can be done online. Most service providers accept varied forms of payment including through credit cards and other online payment solutions. It’s a necessity for bloggers to have a credit card as it makes online transactions faster and more convenient. An article on stressed the usefulness of the plastic and why it’s not a dangerous thing to own.


Your blog’s design is another thing you should be spending for. There are various options available depending on your personal preference. You can choose a design created by professionals and tailored to your requirements, purchase a WordPress blogging theme or get a freelance web designer to do the work for you.

If you’re on a tight budget, though, buying a WordPress theme is the best option. The cost can start at approximately a minimum of $30 up to $60. However, the cost can go up as high as $500 if you want to customize a free or paid blog theme. A more unique theme suited to your specifications and with more functionality can cost from $2,500 and higher.

These are just some of the basic costs involved when managing a blog. Other factors you can consider in the future particularly if your blog is gaining more traffic include advertising and content. Should you have no time for these tasks, you can always hire freelance online marketers and writers so you can ensure your site is regularly updated and promoted on other avenues on the internet.

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  • Hello,

    Very handy piece of information over here :)

    No, doubt the term blogging has boomed all the world, now people want to their own boss and work from home apart from working
    for any one else from 9 to 5 and make their money just double by acting smartly, but it do takes a lot homework to be
    done so that they can create a win win situation for them selves.

    These are the hard and fast things that one would require in the initial stage of blogging. Things like,
    computer, wordpress account, plugins, web hosting and domain name are the main things which will help us to make our image
    visible on the the Internet.

    Thanks for sharing these basic elements of blogging among us.


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