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StickPNG: A Blogger’s Haven For Personal Use Images

StickPNG: A Blogger’s Haven For Personal Use Images


We all know that high quality images are vital to successful blog posts. However, most bloggers also find themselves working on personal creative projects. For these projects, you might not need a high-cost photo services or lack the time to take and edit your own images. That’s when StickPNG swoops in to save the day.

StickPNG is a unique online community that offers thousands of free transparent PNGs. Perfect for your blog post or school project, this website has pretty much any graphic you would need. From sunglasses to Donald Trump, you have to check out this unique site.

From personal and non-commercial use, this unique site offers a graphic for almost every need. From emojis and icons to memes and everyday objects, the site has grown to offer more than 13,000 transparent PNG images.

This unique site’s co-founder, Frédérick explains that the company may be seeing success, but they have no plans to slow down now.

“We’re currently working on the framework to translate StickPNG in multiple languages, starting with ES, FR, DE and RU. This will make it easier for everyone to search for specific images,” We’re currently working on the framework to translate StickPNG in multiple languages, starting with ES, FR, DE and RU,” Frédérick writes. “We will also add a creative canvas enabling our users to design vibrant visual compositions using cut outs from StickPNG.”

This online database has the potential to be a unique tool for bloggers everywhere. Simply search for the needed image, download and place wherever you want. Our favorite part about StickPNG’s offerings is that they are transparent and extremely easy to pull over into the editing program of your choice.

The site explains its offerings as collage material for a technological era.

“They are the modern form of glossy magazines paper cut outs used by students for school essays and by artists for scrapbooking purposes,” the company writes. “Besides educational use cases, we see StickPNG users mostly using images for memes and other forms of creative outputs, some of them very artistic.”

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It seems as if the site is just getting started. The future looks extremely bright!

“Our goal for the future is also to add original content uploaded by professional artists, especially illustrators, in a freemium model (they offer a pack of free images leading to a broader premium offer).”

Have you checked StickPNG out yet? You won’t be disappointed. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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