Strange But Profitable Niches That Are Interesting to Write About

The internet is a wild place with strange but profitable niches all over. It is filled with ANYTHING anyone could possibly think of. There are websites intended for almost any kind of content. Sometimes, internet material gets weirder and more unusual than many people are comfortable with. Trends come and go. Through the years, there had been many weird niches on the internet. What is surprising is that many of these weird content became highly profitable.

If you are interested in writing about the “dark web”, maybe consider these strange but profitable niches:

Real-life Cold Case Stories

We all have that inner detective in all of us. Yes, mystery stories are always gripping but it is a whole other ballgame to read about real-life ones. There is always something that breaks our hearts for families who have lost loved ones, making us want to solve these cold cases on our own. Believe it or not, many people read these kinds of content before sleeping. There are even subreddits created entirely for all internet sleuths.

Content about EVERYTHING Cleaning

There is always something so comforting about watching another person clean. It is a whole other level of satisfaction to watch another person organize. Why else would Marie Kondo become so popular? Especially when the holidays or season changes are around the corner, hits on content about cleaning and organizing skyrocket. On top of that, janitorial supplies, cleaning businesses, and janitorial services are quite popular nowadays.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Pointless Content

Oh yes, the habit of procrastinating is real. What is the best way for people to procrastinate on the internet – by looking at pointless websites. Ever tried visiting a website with a drawing of an endless horse? Or, ever tried visiting a website filled with bouncing cats? Although they make no sense, these kinds of websites get so much internet traffic and user interaction. It’s crazy sometimes how we are all tricked into enjoying it.

Image source: Quickdraw

Anything ASMR

This niche is such a trend right now to the point that almost every influencer on every social media platform has created at least one ASMR content. The acronym stands for ‘Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response’. It is a tingly sensation we get from the top of our heads when hearing, feeling, or seeing things. If you’re not a fan of ASMR, then you’ll definitely find the niche quite quirky. Why would anyone enjoy listening to someone doing something quietly? Like randomly scratching on an object, munching on food, shaking jiggly food, or whispering? Some people find it relaxing and, oddly, satisfying.

Mystery Unboxing

Mystery products are a trend lately and we see a lot of influencers buying “mystery boxes” online. They get a random box that contains unexpected stuff from strangers online. Some get wholesome things like old love letters, books, and the like. However, there are some cases when they get garbage like used clothing and rocks. What is interesting is that many people enjoy watching these kinds of videos. Audiences are equally curious about what the person would get. DISCLAIMER: A lot of these blogs on mystery boxes are fake. Not everyone would shell out hundreds of dollars to risk getting nothing.

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Cat, dogs, and other animal-related content

There is no surprise to this, actually. There are a lot of people who spend hours just looking at videos and photos of cute animals on the internet. Let’s face it, millenials seem to get so much comfort and happiness by looking at any animal-related content. In fact, some websites profit just from that. One of those would be sendcatfacts. The goal of the website is to get people to subscribe so they could, literally, send cat facts via emails regularly.

Image Source: Send Cat Facts

All zombie-related niche

This kind of niche is not as popular now as it was a few years ago when the whole world had a zombie craze. There was a time when Hollywood really milked the zombie world through TV shows and movies. There were games and toys that zombie freaks would really love. Some people pride themselves as zombie enthusiasts. They would love any content on how to survive a zombie apocalypse. There are even websites on zombie dating. Zombie content surely is a strange but profitable niche. How crazy is that?

Content for Children

Did you know that one of the most viewed channels on YouTube is a channel made for children? Creating content for children is not strange, the fact that it is so profitable is. This means that parents allow their children to be on the screen more than they thought they would. Who could blame them? Keeping children busy throughout the day could be tiring without hiring help. Anyway, the child-friendly niche offers a vast range of topic ideas. On top of that, there is less writing involved. Focus more on games, graphic design, and illustrations.

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