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The Best Carrd Fonts For Your Landing Page

The Best Carrd Fonts For Your Landing Page

The Best Carrd Fonts For Your Landing Page

Carrd is the new kid on the block when it comes to website builders. The difference between Carrd and other website-builder services like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and others, is its optimization with one-page sites. By specializing in landing pages, forms, profiles, and portfolios, it makes it simple for businesses and professionals to feature their goods and services quickly and easily. Not to mention the great Carrd fonts.


For specific goods and services, the name typically given for one-page websites is a landing page. A landing page has one goal instead of a homepage, which can have many goals and extra linking points. That one goal typically consists of having the person who ended up on the page, become a new customer, or a lead by putting their contact information into the page.


The best landing pages are easy to read both visually and mentally. This means having plain and attractive fonts and using language that is inclusive and free of any jargon.


Carrd fonts will have several different weights, meaning the thickness of the stroke of a word. The majority of fonts are known for standard weights of regular and bold, but with Carrd there are plenty with varying weights from extra thin to extra bold and heavy. The beauty of Carrd fonts is the creative possibilities still present by mixing and matching different fonts and creating a landing page that is attractive to anyone that finds themselves there.

My Top 10 Carrd Fonts

1. Overpass – A favorite Carrd Font

A personal favorite, Overpass is a great basic that can stand alone, or be easily paired with another more adventurous font.


2. Saira

Another great basic, but a bit more adventurous. It can still be a stand-alone font but would look great mixed because it is so easy to read and attractive.


3. Dancing Script

Obviously, a very attractive font, but is best used in small instances such as a title or small informative paragraph. It will mix great with something sturdy such as Roboto.


4. Nunito

Great basic, and can obviously stand alone due to readability but will mix as well.


5. Roboto

More rounded than Nunito, but still in the basic family. It is attractive and easy to mix.


6. Comfortaa

Another favorite of mine, Comfortaa is a bit larger in its strokes, while still having plenty of weight options. It is light and airy making it perfect for landing pages.


7. Heebo – classic/ easily paired with an adventurous Carrd font

Classic easy-to-read print, like the other basics on this list, it can stand alone or be mixed with others.


8. Inter-classic/ easily paired with an adventurous Carrd font

The last “basic” on the list. It has a bit more of a light and airy feel, while still being close to Roboto in terms of what I call bounciness or its rounded edges.

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9. Indie Flower

The most whimsical font on the list! It can be very fun paired with something simple, especially for the right brand and service. It would just be important to play with the weight to get the best stroke width for the landing page.


10. Inconsolata

A classic type-writer-esque font with plenty of options to increase or decrease weight. It can be used as a stand-alone font or can be mixed as well.


The key to a great Carrd font is its innate readability. With a landing page, you only have 1 page to show your audience that there is a reason they “landed” on your page. If they cannot read the words easily it will be an early exit for more people than you would like to see. Having a clear font with multiple weights available to use is optimal for achieving that readability.



Obviously, the classic-looking fonts will be easier to read than fonts like Indie Flower or Dancing Script, but that does not mean you need to discount the adventurous fonts when making your landing page. An adventurous font, especially on your title can make for a hook that is otherwise lost in your call to action. The goal is to keep the visitor on the site and to take action. With that being said, why not take a fun font such as Indie Flower, and pair it with a more classic font of Overpass to even it out. The fun begins when you start to get into the different weights available for each font. You may decide to keep Indie quite thin while having Overpass at a heavier weight to produce an even more intense contrast.



No matter what Carrd font is used for your next landing page, be sure to keep the overall layout simple and the readability as a top priority. These 10 fonts will serve as a great reference tool and starting point for the font on a good or service landing page.

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