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Are You Taking Advantage Of These Free WordPress Marketing Plugins?

Are You Taking Advantage Of These Free WordPress Marketing Plugins?

free wordpress marketing plugins

Whether you are selling or promoting on WordPress, it is so important to make sure that you are taking advantage of every single marketing aspect that the platform offers. Especially if you are on a budget (and who isn’t!?), there are plenty of free options.

The tech geniuses over at Sitepoint have curated a fantastic list of the top free WordPress marketing plugins. The article takes a look at five main categories that will help you optimize your site: email marketing, ecommerce, blogging, contact forms and social sharing. You should definitely click over and check out this entire list. There are many plugins on this app that we couldn’t live without!

Take for instance, Yoast SEO. This one of our favorites of these free WordPress marketing plugins. Yoast SEO provides an expert look at search engine optimization for each and every post you create. Here at Blog Herald and our other sister sites, we utilize this SEO plugin. This SEO plugin is one of the top plugins and completely free. It is a great way to help us make sure each and every post is optimized to make sure you can find our content quickly and easily, so you can can get the top blogging news you need.

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Of course, as your need for marketing increases you will want to eventually put some money into upgrading plugins, but this list is a great start!

Sitepoint offers “high-quality, peer-reviewed training on the latest web technologies.” You can get more information on their website.

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    • I agree, Bican. Yoast is a fantastic plugin. It really makes it easy to create your own preferred snippets for the Google search results and social media sites.

      I also agree about the need to use social sharing buttons because they’re really critical for the success of a blog in today’s world.

      I used the Sumo sharing plugin for several years, but after I enabled SSL (https) encryption on my blogs I “lost” all my social shares because all the existing were “tied” to the http versions of my pages.

      I looked for a solution for a week or so and eventually found an awesome social sharing plugin called “Social Warfare”. I installed it and wallah! My https pages suddenly had their “social proof” back!

      What makes Social Warfare so amazing is it actually adds the share totals of your http pages to the total for the https pages and displays the total number of shares. This is an awesome plugin and I strongly recommend it. It has a premium version but the free version works perfectly for me.

      By the way, I’m not affiliated with the company behind the plugin in any way except for being a very satisfied user.

      Thanks for a fantastic post, Meagan!

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