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The Secret to Writing More Compelling Blog Titles

The Secret to Writing More Compelling Blog Titles

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It’s never been more difficult to get and hold the attention of consumers online. After all, individuals can choose to engage with thousands of different websites, applications, games, and/or social media platforms at a given moment. As such, marketers need to understand that the titles for their blog posts are the most important part of their content strategy. Crafting the right blog titles can boost readership, improve SEO performance, and, ultimately, generate more leads. To that end, here are four tips for forming more compelling blog titles today:

Make a Promise

Whether consciously or not, consumers are constantly asking themselves the question, “what’s in it for me?” On a base level, a blog title needs to give a reader an incentive to read it. Let your readers know that this blog contains information pertinent to them and their interests. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing about road barriers or yoga techniques, readers need to know that they’ll benefit from your blog before they engage with it.

Get Specific

Internet users have become more sophisticated over time. Rather than typing in broad search queries, they now use very specific language when searching for a product or service. For instance, there’s a pretty big difference between a “fast-food” and a “five-star” restaurant –– even if they’re both eating establishments. Given that fact, bloggers should actively seek out long-tail keywords to use in their blog titles. True, long-tail keywords might carry less overall traffic than more generic blog titles, but the leads they do generate will likely be of a much higher quality.

What’s more, bloggers should let their readers know exactly what to expect from their blog. Including numbers or finite definitions in blog headlines is a great way to instantly make your blogs more appealing.

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Keep it Brief

Not only are consumers unlikely to read long, sprawling blog posts, but some might not even bother with a blog at all if it has a long-winded title. Keep your headlines brief and focused, and avoid tacking on multiple keywords into a single blog post. Your titles should be as concise and meaningful as your copy.

Embrace Creativity

Unique blogs –– and blog titles –– stand out from the crowd. Resist the urge to use blog-title generators and do your best to cut out cliched statements within your headlines. People are accustomed to titles looking and sounding a certain way, so if you want them to notice your work, you’ll have to get creative. Humor can go a long way toward delighting audiences, but it’s not always easy to pull off successfully. Remember, creativity takes time, and you can’t rush quality work.

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