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Three Emerging Topics That Present Opportunities for Bloggers in 2019

Three Emerging Topics That Present Opportunities for Bloggers in 2019

It is perhaps a cliche to talk about how much the world is being changed by technological development, but that makes it a no less true and accurate assessment of where we are. The world that we live in today is very different from the one we lived in 10 or 20 years ago. And at the time same, the world we will live in 10 or 20 years from now will be very different from what we know today.

And with new trends, unfamiliar phenomena, and a changing landscape comes opportunities. These are opportunities for businesses, for governments, and for consumers, as old methods are tossed out in favour of new technologies and ways of doing things.

But the pace and scale of the change also present an opportunity to those with expertise and interest and who are willing to write about and report on the change taking place around them.

The new and emerging technologies, issues, and topics that our societies are facing also present opportunities for bloggers. The internet has led to a revolution in journalism and free speech. It is a change that has been well discussed and noticed, where so-called “citizen journalists” are challenging the traditional media, bringing new perspectives and new voices into the mainstream.

These new developments hold a great amount of opportunity both for experienced and established bloggers, but also for those who want to find a niche for themselves in a crowded field, to carve out a place for their views, and to bring new content and ideas to consumers. Here are three emerging topics, then, that present opportunities for old and new bloggers.

Climate change

Climate change is an urgent issue which the world is only beginning to wake up to. Several world governments are still in denial about its impact, especially that of the US where the Trump Administration has recently buried a report making clear that climate change is already having an effect. The world needs bloggers who are willing to be loud and clear voice on these issues, to educate the public and ensure that Governments are forced in to action.

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Automation is a matter which concerns a great number of people, and there is a significant divide in opinion about whether robots are a force for good or bad. 32% say that they are worried about robots taking over everyday life, whilst 34% say they think robots will make everyday life better. There is a debate to be had, and that gives opportunities to bloggers on both side of the debate to discuss the issue and try to change people’s minds.


Drones have exploded in popularity in recent years, and companies have explored the potential uses of the technology in commercial capacities in recent years. There’s a great deal of debate, and some notable news stories, about what is a $127bn industry, and that means there are opportunities for bloggers with views, interest, or expertise on the devices going forward!

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