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Tips to Create a Monthly Instagram Calendar for Indie Bloggers

Tips to Create a Monthly Instagram Calendar for Indie Bloggers

When you’re an indie blogger or marketer, life can be a little hectic. There are a million things to consider as well as having to manage your personal life, and it can be difficult to find the balance.

Creating a social media plan for your Instagram account may seem daunting at first, but there are effective ways to create a monthly calendar that are simpler than you think. If you’re looking for an easier way to plan your social media content but simultaneously gain new traffic to your website, take a look at the helpful tips below to get started.

Create a Digital Calendar

The first thing you’ll want to do before anything is create some form of digital calendar for your Instagram content. This can be done with Google Spreadsheets or Excel.

Set up your month with the date, day of the week, time of posting, your topics, type of visual content, call to action, and your caption. Get organized before you start diving in.


Placing consistent content on your calendar is crucial to building authority and trust with your followers on social media. This also includes being consistent about the types of content you put out.

When you do, users will know what to expect when they visit your social profiles. This will also make it easier when you’re curating social media content, because you will know exactly what types to create each month.

At the top of each day of the month, write out the topic you intend to cover. All you need is one topic for each day of the week.

Copy and paste those topics throughout every week, and you’ll be able to generate content that suits the needs of your followers and aligns with the goals of your blog or marketing strategy.

Determine Your Visual Topics

Once you’ve decided which categories of topics you’ll consistently address, you’ll want to start testing various visual subjects.

Say you’re a website development entrepreneur and want to expand your following as a part of your personal marketing strategy. Alternating your visual topics might mean preparing photos of behind-the-scenes activity at the office, reels that educate your followers with tips to improve website traffic and bring more people over to your blog, or IGTV live videos that feature in-depth conversations with other influencers in the industry.

It’s okay to experiment with your visual topics. That’s how you’ll learn what worked and what didn’t when you start to plan next month’s array of content.

Educational and Entertaining

Your content should have a mix of entertainment and education. It shouldn’t all be photos of you having a good time at the beach.

Mix up formal and informal types of content as long as it relates to the needs and interests of your audience. Write out twenty to thirty different educational tips and topics, followed by twenty to thirty different entertaining ways to send out those messages to your followers.

As an indie blogger, you already have a ton of content currently on your blog. Utilize that same content in smaller forms to use on your social media. If you are stumped for ideas, scroll through the work of other people within your industry for a little inspiration. That should help you see what you might try and implement. You can always learn from those who have paved the way before you.

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Call to Action

When planning out your content calendar, make sure you have an appropriate call to action for every post. It doesn’t always have to be making a purchase.

Oversaturating your Instagram posts asking people to buy from you can come across as spammy. There are ample other ways to get creative with what you want your followers to do.

It might be signing up for your newsletter, leaving a comment, or tagging someone who might be interested in the content you’re sharing. 

Start Planning and Take Action

After you’ve brainstormed ideas that are clear about the types of message you want to send out with a prominent call to action, it’s time to plan and execute. Put all your ideas into your social media calendar.

Check insights on your Instagram page to find the best days and times to post your content. Once all your data is in place on your calendar, you should be ready to take action.

This can be done through a scheduling platform like Hootsuite or Buffer. Get your posts automated for scheduling, and then you can set the clock and forget it.

Finding time to create and post your social media content doesn’t have to take as much trouble as you might think. Set aside a few hours to plan for the month ahead just like you would for the blog you have now. When you have a plan, it’s easier to begin taking action to execute.

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