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Tools for Finding the Best Headline for Your Blog Article

Tools for Finding the Best Headline for Your Blog Article

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What’s the best way to make sure that no one reads or even sees your blog post? Put little-to-no time working on a headline. Some have argued that you should spend 80% of your working time on the headline, and only 20% on the post itself. While that may be a little extreme, it does make the point that headlines are important. You can be writing the most amazing content on the internet, but if no one is intrigued enough to click on the post, you’re nowhere. You need to focus on finding the best headline for your blog.

When it comes to content marketing for your blog, you must understand that headlines are a huge part of the SEO discussion. Headlines are the first step to increasing conversion, engagement, and retention.  It’s your first chance to connect with your potential reader or customer, so you must get them right.

With the onslaught of technology, the average human attention span decreased by nearly 25% between 2000 and 2015, to about 8.25 seconds, which is shorter than a goldfish at 9 seconds!  

The headline is your first and maybe only chance to connect. 

How to Write a Strong Headline?

A headline has got to be clear, focused, and perhaps most importantly relevant. If there’s nothing in it for the reader, they are off to the next headline. That’s a lot of pressure, right?

The good news is you don’t have to just wing it, there is some good headline writing help that you can take advantage of called headline analyzer tools. They help you develop and optimize your headlines to make them more effective. From technical things like using metrics and SEO ratings to helping you with the tone and emotion of your headlines.

Sharethrough Headline Analyzer

This is a free website that is easy to use and understand. It helps in finding your best headline by looking at the length of your headline, the context you are using, and more. You’ll get an engagement and impression score to help you improve what you’ve got.

There is also a testing history on the site that stores your headlines so you can keep track of your overall score and engagement.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer  

One of the top features of this free program is that you get to look at previews of your headline on search engines, social media networks, and more.  It provides a score that helps you identify which words are emotional, powerful, common, or uncommon.

It also keeps track of your headline history to compare your headlines so you can see progress. Also, it provides many tips throughout the process and includes links to articles that may be of use to you.

Monster Insights  

This site understands SEO, and that’s what drives the headline recommendations it gives. It helps you write powerful headlines focused on turning readers into customers, and driving more traffic to your site.

One of the best features is the word banks for suggestions.  It breaks words into categories like Power Words, Emotion Words, and Uncommon Words, and gives you a list to choose from.

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Advanced Marketing Institute Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer  

The goal is to make your reader feel something when they glance at your headline. This free tool gives an emotional marketing value (EMV) to all headlines. It even helps explain why the headline appeals to your readers.

Portent Idea Generator  

Here you just start with a keyword and the generator goes to work.  What the generator comes up with won’t always be suitable, but it’s a fun and creative idea starter if nothing else.  It specializes in using interesting words and proper nouns like locations or celebrities. But who knows, it might spark your next winning headline.

Other Options

The latest technologies don’t have to be the only answer though. A creative writing course at your local career center would be helpful, not only for headlines but for your writing in general. That kind of exercise can help stimulate parts of your creative brain you may not be using every day.

Even keeping a thesaurus handy is helpful. The more work along these lines you do, the more you will start to recognize boring words or language. Sometimes a simple synonym can spruce a sentence right up!

Time is precious but try to figure out where you can do some regular reading. It doesn’t have to be work-related or focused on self-improvement. Rediscover your favorite author or genre and start turning some pages. Just getting words churning through your head will help stir up some new thoughts.

Parting Thoughts

The bottom line is that even though a headline is just a few words, they are the most important words of your piece. So take some time to find the best headline and know that you’re catching your audience.

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