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6 Handy Tools That Can Convert Your Website Into An App

6 Handy Tools That Can Convert Your Website Into An App

Convert Your Website Into An App

A website, new or old must always have its own mobile version especially if it wants to rank well in search engines. Studies have proven that mobile internet users have already overtaken desktop or computer internet users; that means you can go a long way when you convert your website into an app.

Because let’s face it, as an Android or iOS user, viewing and opening websites in Chrome for mobile or any other browser can be annoying. There’s the fact that browsers usually take more screen space and also consume much memory. An app version of that website, meanwhile, has a more seamless transition and smoother operation.

Hence, to convert your website into an app is a courtesy to most people. It’s the absolute next step into embracing the “mobilegeddon,” the first being the requirement for websites to have mobile versions. In any case, here are some plugins and tools that can easily convert your website into an app.


If you want a website to app converter that just works and has a free version, then AndroApp is there for you. It’s a simple and easy converter; it also comes with some handy customizations such as unlimited scrolling, unlimited push notifications, and offline support. As the name implies, it’s only available for Android.

Convert Your Website Into An App

Once the plugin has converted your website, you can then configure then download the app to submit to Play Store. If you’re not too confident about this, you can also hire the plugin developer to do it for you. Do note that the free version of the plugin mandatorily places its own ads on your website app.


Now, if Android and iOS compatibility is what you’re after in your website apps, the humbly-titled appful might be more your speed. Many also consider appful to be the best when it comes to tools that can convert your website into an app. The developers of this tool have also proven themselves many times over by helping publishers and magazines with digital needs.

Convert Your Website Into An App

appful includes support for offline reading, YouTube integration, live editing, Twitter profile integration, Google Analytics integration, and more while also promising awesome app speed thanks to caching. It’s a relatively new plugin but the free version should make it more than welcome.

Appmaker WP

Appmaker WP promises a quick conversion of your website into an app and in turn, saves you a lot of time. After installing the plugin, all you have to do is input your website’s URL, and then give a name and icon for your app. Afterward, Appmaker WP will handle everything. It’s that quick and simple. The developers also highly recommend this plugin for news websites.

Convert Your Website Into An App

With that in mind, it’s WooCommerce or e-commerce website viability is quite limited. In any case, it’s compatible with Android and iOS and also sports an easy-to-use interface that also presents templates familiar to WordPress in case you want to go deeper with the customization. Last but not least, the plugin also has it’s own CMS that you can access even in the free version.

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AppPresser is not exactly a dedicated tool but a suite of tools for WordPress; it does have a dedicated WordPress mobile theme that lets you convert your website into an app; that’s regardless of whether it’s a blog, WooCommerce website, or BuddyPress domain. Like appful, it’s also compatible with both Android and iOS.

In that regard, changing the appearance of your website app is quite easy and simple in AppPresser– almost as easy as customizing WordPress themes. It lets you add custom pages, grab WordPress content directly, and also add push notification integration. The downside? AppPresser is not exactly free and costs $249/year for the basic app package.

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For a website app that looks like it was straight up made as a native mobile app, MobiLoud has you covered. At least, that’s what the developers promise for when you avail of their tool. It’s not free, by the way, and will set you back $199/month for the basic (essential) package. There is a free demo, of course, if you find that too pricey and want to test first.

For the price, you get one of the most uniquely customizable and feature-rich website-to-app converters on this list. It has the standard fare of offerings like offline support, push notifs, and social media sharing integration but also lets you customize how articles appear down to the layout and also comes with a smooth image gallery and video player.


A feature rich plugin with a premium version but won’t break the bank would be WPMobile.App as stark contrast to the more expensive premium options above. WPMobile.App lets you make a mobile app version of your website that comes with all the features of a full desktop website. The developers also promise a smooth operation on any screen size whether it’s for Android or iOS.

The plugin comes with a free or test version but if you want all the bells and whistles, you’re going to need to fork out a minimum of €79 for one operating system. As a special feature for websites converted by WPMobile.App, you’re given a 12-stat panel or graph that tracks the important aspects of your website app.

Do remember that most of these plugins and tools pretty much perform the same task with little variations. Others simply give you better elegant options. As always, it’s up to you to pick which one best suits your needs or wants for your website.

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