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Twitter Marketing: The Do’s and Don’ts for Bloggers

Twitter Marketing: The Do’s and Don’ts for Bloggers

Twitter marketing

Twitter is home to 326 million active users!

But if you think each one of those active users is authentic, you’ve got another thing coming.

Some are burner accounts and can’t do anything to help grow your brand.

Sure, you can distinguish the authentic accounts from the fake ones. But it won’t be easy.

Don’t worry, though. Despite all the funny business, it’s possible to use Twitter to help your brand achieve heights.

Take it from Taco Bell’s journey.

It engaged with its most influential followers. And via retweets, mentions, and recommendations of these influencers, it maximized brand awareness.

As a result of its clever approach, its engagement levels rose!

That and it reached 600,000 followers!

So if Taco Bell can do it, so can you!

It doesn’t matter if your brand isn’t as big. What matters is you do things the right way.

So let me show you how to do Twitter marketing and build a substantial following for your brand.

DO: Start your account right

Choose the right handle.

It needs to be easy-to-remember and recognizable. It also needs to be short so people can search for you and tag you with ease.

Decide on the right header image and profile photo, too.

These elements can help show off your creativity and brand message.

Look at what Target did.

target twitter

Its header image and profile photo display the brand and its fun personality. Spot on, right?

DO: Pin your Tweets

click to tweet

Do you have an awesome post? Like this one from Red Stag Fulfillment:

Drop Shipping versus Third-Party Fulfillment: Decoding the Difference.

The smart thing to do is to pin it so it always appears at the top of your profile page.

It’s an example of 10x content. And your followers are likely to thank you for pinning it.

If you have other excellent posts, pin them to increase exposure. This way, when someone drops by your profile, there’s a much better shot of him seeing those posts.

Pinning Tweets is easy and takes less than a minute. All you need to do is:

Open Twitter profile > select a Tweet you want to pin > Click on the dots > choose “Pin to your profile page”.

DON’T: Use hashtags without a strategy

If done correctly, they increase engagement for brands by 50%!

But while using hashtags is good, you need to lay low.

If you use more than 2 hashtags, engagement goes down by 17%.

So narrow down your choices with the help of tools like Hashtagify and RiteTag. Both can guide you in finding the best and most used hashtags.

DON’T: Use low-resolution images

A high-quality photo attract clicks by 18%, retweets by 150%, and favorites by 89%!

And like hashtags, you should also use images like pro.

Stay away from irrelevant images with poor quality so you don’t turn people off.

DO: Create a killer bio

With a 160-character limit, you need to choose your words.

Explain your brand and what it does.

Include the most useful facts. And use it as an opportunity to answer questions that your visitors are about to have.

You can brag or use awesome wordplay. As long as you make sure your message is relevant, what you do is up to you!

DON’T: Not build relationships

It’s easy to keep to yourself and bury your head in your world.

However, what’s the point of doing that in social media where the main goal is to connect and engage?

In other words:

If you’re goal is to tweet your latest posts and drive more traffic from the platform without reaching out to others, then you’re bound to fail!

Therefore, you need to make an effort to engage with like-minded people on Twitter.

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There are lots of them, in fact. It’s just a matter of finding out the most influential ones.

To do this, you need Buzzsumo to help you find Twitter influencers for your keyword.


The tool will show you the number of followers they have. More importantly, it shows the reply and retweet rates. The higher the numbers are, the greater the chances they will message you back!

After befriending them, you can ask them to retweet your posts to drive more traffic to your blog!

Using this tool also helps you filter out fake influencers.

Due to the popularity of being an influencers, lots of people game the system by setting up a Twitter profile with thousands of fake followers and engagement numbers to boost their rating.

The Rise of Fake Fame: What is an Influencer Scam and How to spot it can tell you how fake accounts triumphed. These fake influencers fooled some brands into giving them $11 million during the 2nd quarter of 2018.

DO: Use CTAs

Asking your followers to act at the end of every Tweet is quick to boost engagement and increase conversions.

And more than 90% of visitors who read your headlines read them!

Think beyond “share” and asking your followers to share your post.

Other effective words such as “shop” and “download” are worth using, too.


Remember, Twitter can do wonders for your blog.

However, some of the tips above may not cover everything you want to leverage Twitter t grow your blog.

Don’t know how to earn followers? Or how to build an audience, advertise, and sell? Or how to make the most out of Twitter?

If you’re starting your journey on the social platform, you could use some help. So check out The Small Business Blueprint to Marketing on Twitter.

It’s an 11-chapter guide that contains essential information about Twitter marketing.

Hopefully, this guide and the tips above should give you a clear idea on how to strike it rich on Twitter with your blog.

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