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Why Using Automation Tools Can Help You Create More Content in 2021

Why Using Automation Tools Can Help You Create More Content in 2021

Influencers, Content Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, and Social Media Managers are making more money than software developers these days. Ten years ago, programmers were in high demand to build software tools for marketing using Artificial Intelligence.

Not only the Big 4 companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Microsoft, but even startups started investing in AI and developed numerous software to automate the marketing process. Marketers took this opportunity and experimented a lot with automation. The result? It saved an ample of time and money. And it resulted in the creation of more sector-specific automation tools.

How? Can automating the process of content creation really help boost sales, grow followers, and website visitors?

It can, even if you don’t know or understand marketing automation and its perks. Whether you are a business owner or a freelancer, according to Forrester, marketing automation spending is going to reach $25 Billion by 2023.

With this year ending on a grim note for every economy in the world, businesses have started using automation tools and hiring experts in this field. A major reason being it reduces dependability on people in case of times like these.

There are mainly two types of automation:

  1. Marketing Automation (email marketing, chatbots, lead generation)
  2. Content Creation (social media, videos)

Here are a few examples of how automated marketing and content creation strategies helped companies grow their businesses and productivity.

1. Amtrak – Chatbot Integration

Amtrak is a well-known travel agency and a railroad service in North America. They have over 20k employees and serve over 30 million passengers per year. They were having trouble attending to customer requests and queries. No wonder, considering they generate millions of queries per year.

Using a chatbot was the only option to answer this problem. So they created Julie, a chatbot that not only answers questions but also navigates the user throughout the website to look for the best route to the destination. If customers wish to book tickets, Julie transfers them to the respective page.

This process helped Amtrak save $1 million dollars by,

  • Answering 5 million questions per year.
  • Increase of bookings by 25%
  • 30% increase in revenue from online ticket booking.

Emily Yellin, author of Your Call Is (Not That) Important To Us states that:

Julie is widely regarded by people in the speech technology business as one of the first and best standard-bearers for how speech recognition computers should interact with customers.

2. WebFX – Social Media Automation

WebFX is a digital marketing agency that handles hundreds of clients. They handle websites and post on behalf of their clients on social media. They have driven over $700 million in sales and delivered 3 Million leads to their clients. With over 40 in-house influencers, they have a unique strategy set out for each of their clients.

They automate social media posts by using a widely recognized software called Buffer. But before Buffer, they used another cumbersome tool and had only one account to upload all the files. It was using up an immense amount of time and building up the frustration levels.

As their clients grew, they tried a different set of tools and started using Buffer for scheduling posts, analyzing traffic and ROI.

It saved the team over 40 hours of work per month in the first year itself.

Currently, they use it for streamlining their content creation process by creating monthly editorial calendars, sharing it with the clients as the clients can have different logins. Most of the clients use it to edit the content if they want to, and it’s simple to use.

Now, WebFX utilizes the time saved to:

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  • Generate more quality content
  • Increase efficiency
  • Increase clients and revenue.

This tells us that marketing automation paves way for more time in hand, which can be utilized to create more content.

Even if you are a developer building communication and collaboration products, there are automation software tools like to add conversational intelligence to your platform. Symbl can be integrated with email, meeting platforms, and even used for extracting data from comments on social media and summary topics on the internet.

For example, if you run a blog on WordPress, it reduces unnecessary effort by using content marketing plugins for WordPress or tools like Haro or Voila Norbert to connect with other influential bloggers and editors.

Advantages of Automation:

In this pandemic, many people are searching for content ideas for their blogs. There is a lot of competition for bloggers. However, a lot of tools have also sprung up. Just creating content and posting it on blogs doesn’t work anymore if you really want people to visit your website.

By automating processes you can:

  1. Focus on creating a quality product or content
  2. Reach new customers and convert older ones
  3. Analyze what visitors and customers and looking for
  4. Reduce work overload
  5. Save time which can lead to brainstorming ideas
  6. Increase revenue

15 years ago, Amazon started delivering goods to the remotest parts of the US within 2 days with prime shipping. It was made possible by automating some supply chain processes. And now even small-scale engineering and software companies have started using automation.

Apart from some professions like doctors, lawyers, filmmakers, and writers using software tools for screenwriting, it’s pretty clear that automation is definitely the future of marketing and content creation.

In the end, it’s all about productivity, efficiency, reaching out to more people in whichever way possible. When it comes to automation, what we have seen in this decade is just the tip of an iceberg.

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