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A Review of Grammarly Premium: Is It Worth It?

A Review of Grammarly Premium: Is It Worth It?

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Grammarly is a not-so-hidden gem in the world of grammatical and spelling errors. In fact, I am using it to write this blog. Grammarly gives free suggestions and catches all your spelling and grammatical missteps, so you may be wondering why you need premium rather than sticking with the free plan. In this blog, we will review Grammarly premium and tell you if paying for the premium plan is worth your money, or if the free plan will get the job done.


Grammarly as a whole was created to be AI-generated too, to help with writing fluidity, grammar, and spelling. At its core, the goal was to make writing better, whether that was a quick email or an academic dissertation. The free and paid versions of Grammarly give suggestions for spelling, sentence structure, grammar, and word substitutions. You can upload a document into Grammarly to have it check for errors once completed, or you can add it as an extension to your browser so that you can have your work checked in real-time. Grammarly also works with IOS and Andriod keyboards to edit your texts and emails from your mobile device.

Let’s break it down.


Understandably, the biggest point of interest regarding upgrading your Grammarly plan is how much it will cost. How much will you be shelling out each month for the added benefits? Grammarly Premium starts at $12 per month at the lowest price and longest period of time. Paying month by month will cost you around $30 while opting for a quarterly plan will be $20. Paying annually will even out to the aforementioned $12 per month,  which, when you calculate it, is 40 cents per day. It costs 40 cents to have an AI-generated assistant correct and give suggestions on everything from your text messages, emails, and updates, to your term papers, memos, and newsletters. For reference, a Netflix subscription costs $15.49 per month for their standard plan right now, meaning it supports two devices at one time.

What’s the difference 

We have been over the fact that the free plan takes care of the basics, meaning spelling, grammar, and sentence structure suggestions. Premium has over 400 types of checks as well as performance reports, going far beyond their free counterpart.

Some notable upgrades in the Premium plan include but are not limited to:

1. Tone Detection

While the free version gives a hint at the tone, Premium does a complete deep dive into different tones of your writing including formal, informal, informative, confident, and more.

2. Plagiarism Detection and Citation Formatting 

A one-stop shop for checking for plagiarism and correct references rather than using a separate website or application.

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3. Full Sentence Rewrites

Possibly my favorite benefit to the premium plan, Grammarly suggests full sentence rewrites when giving correction suggestions to your written content. Instead of guessing what needs to be fixed, it is giving you the answers at the click of a mouse.

Draw Backs

Though Grammarly works with different variations of the English language including American, British, Canadian, and Australian English, the flexibility ends there. Grammarly does not yet support any other languages. This can be a significant con if you work in a field that requires you to use them. Or if you are multilingual and want to provide the same crispness to your writing and messages in all languages.


So in our review of Grammarly Premium, it is absolutely worth it if the added benefits are something you would typically use every day for work or school. Someone in college or a job that entails writing lots of newsletters, memos, or emails would benefit greatly from upgrading to premium. For someone who doesn’t do a ton of writing, the free version would most likely work out just fine. But if the extra money is in your budget, the added perks are great for anyone.

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