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Nike’s Winning Efforts With Social Media

Nike’s Winning Efforts With Social Media

Nike is one of the biggest and most successful companies in the world. It is considered a trailblazer in many aspects of business and people look up to Nike as a company that is at the forefront of innovation.

Nike is one of the companies that have fully embraced the power of social media as a way of enhancing its business and its relationship with its stakeholders. Nike knows that social media is an effective bridge that helps strengthen its relationship with consumers and it has developed an effective social media strategy that other companies are also emulating.

So what makes Nike’s social media strategy so effective?

First and foremost, Nike makes sure that social media plays a big part in their campaigns. Other companies merely tack on the social media aspect of their marketing plans. But for Nike, it is front and center. It’s because Nike knows that its core strength as a company is communicating with its audience. Its success is largely because of how it has nurtured its relationship with consumers. It knows that involving the masses from the start will ensure that its campaigns will succeed.

Nike also incorporates social media through its involvement in various community interactions.  Nike is a sports company and it knows that as an entity that is involved in sports, it needs to have its presence felt at the grass roots level. And you can’t get more grass roots than with communicating directly to your stakeholders through social media. Nike knows that social media is an equalizer of sorts. It removes layers of disconnect – allowing it to directly communicate with people, and it has done so successfully.

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Social media is also employed by Nike in drumming up interest and publicity for its products. Advertising may get millions of dollars in budget but social media integration could potentially bring the same results at a fraction of the cost – it’s a win-win situation. How did Nike do this? Here’s one example. Nike tapped an existing fan community on Facebook for help in launching a new “Just Do It” campaign. Nike knows that this community will jump on the opportunity to solidify its relationship with Nike and it won’t even have to go through the hard task of building a community from the ground up. Nike also knows that it will gain more traction among consumers by tapping other “communities” that will be open to trying out Nike, for example, the growing couponing movement. Nike recently tapped CouponCodes4u, a popular online couponing site and offered a Nike Promo Code that offered great discounts on Nike products. It was a huge success and helped gain more converts to Nike.


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