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Why Do Bad Internet And Social Media Marketers Thrive?

Why Do Bad Internet And Social Media Marketers Thrive?

The Internet and to an extent Social Media can do wonders. Being able to connect with anyone instantly whether you’re starting a revolution or selling something has it pros but another benefit afforded to us is transparency. Data is not only readily available but can be quickly transmitted. Combining these two should be able to tell us who’s good and bad at what they do – namely marketers – but time and time again there are always people being promoted who have no skills to back them up. Why do they thrive online?

For this post I’m going to focus on Social Media and Internet Marketers but let me preface this by saying I’ve met people who excel at whey the do and put quality before dollars. But there are some bad internet marketers out there. How do you define some as a bad marketer? I’ve got a few definitions but I tend to categorize them as people who put profit before results and because of their lack of knowledge are forced to take shortcuts to deliver less than stellar results.

Why do people still hire them?

This is a topic of debate in itself but I’ve seen typical marketers excel at everything but marketing. Typically their client relations were strong and being able to connect with people is huge but their title of “Online Marketer” didn’t line up with their strong suites. On the rare side some marketers play to their strengths to cover their weaknesses and knowingly take advantage of those who don’t understand what their buying.

Contrasting the bad internet marketers are those who have pulled some amazing marketing campaigns, used Social Media to not sell a product but appeal to its Social Side and have the skills to back them up. Typically you’d think lower paying companies would be stuck with the majority of bad marketers and the good rise to the top but that’s not always the case. Just because you have a lot of money doesn’t mean you’re instantly knowledgeable about Social Media.

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The problem is identifying who the bad Internet Marketers are from a client perspective. It’s easy for experienced Bloggers and veterans marketers to call out agencies who intentionally mislead clients. The majority of subpar marketers pass under the radar for a variety of reasons and may be oblivious themselves about their practices. Unfortunately its a tug of war as the best way a client has to measure the strengths of a marketing agency they’ve lined up with is measurable results. You then run in to the pitfalls of bad clients who expect far more than should be delivered if they don’t trust the agency they’re working with.

The best thing you can do as a potential client is to do research on the agency you’ll be working with. If they can show results and case studies then you’re on the right track. Also, you need to brush up on Social Media, what it can and can’t do. Understanding the medium you’ll be working with and setting your expectations will save you money and headache.

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