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007’s Secrets to Building an Amazing Franchise

007’s Secrets to Building an Amazing Franchise

How can you develop a franchise worthy of the kind of memorability and staying power that James Bond has enjoyed for 46 years? Many of those stories have become classics and continue to generate interest and profits for the franchise. That’s because the series is anchored on some very strong characteristics that we all identify with.

The Bond movies contain all the elements of a good story: the good guy, the bad guys, protocol, honor, transgressions, the rescue(s), the romance(s). Yes, many possibilities, and all quite imaginative, some less credible than others, but certainly made believable for the purposes of our hero saving the day.

What draws us to 007 is the action, the fantasy and the sense of belief, all rolled into one long story parsed out in episodes that have kept us interested over time. A lot is going on behind the scenes to make it work. You can apply those principles to your blog, too.


Always deliver on expectations. This means deliver on the greater story plot of your blog. If you positioned the blog as a resource for copywriters, each individual post will address a piece of that promise. Just like Bond always delivered to his audience, make sure that you can tie the frames in your story with a neat bow. For example series of posts can become a subplot in your overall treatment of the subject matter. If you announce it, follow through.

Be effective while you are efficient. Establish a set of goals to achieve and design a clear path or process to get there. Bond always accomplished his missions because he stayed focused on what he wants and sets out to do. And he does that in under two hours.

Mix it up, be resourceful. While you can achieve the best results by staying anchored to your topic, there are many variations on the core you can pursue. Bond always used a vehicle, a car, and it came with ever different features. In one of my recent posts I talked about using other tools like video and audio to present the information in different ways.

Be worldly. Where does the situation you are presenting fits in your readers’ context?It’s a good idea to research your topics so you can see who has written about them and support your statements with data and facts. Commander Bond excels in situational awareness, having knowledge of the context and what is at stake. He is often selected for his expertise.

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Don’t forget to seduce. The overall impression of your blog is what keep readers coming back and wins you subscribers. Seduction is about giving something of value, and sometimes giving just enough to keep readers coming back for more. Bond has presence, wit, intelligence, and knows what he wants. He is extremely good at growing on you over time. You should, too.


Yes, Bond gets a lot of help from Q, the nerdy scientist who provides him with highly souped up vehicles and high tech tools. We’d like to think that in the real world of competence-based competition, the true champion is Q. The tools still remain a behind the scenes support. What matters out in the social media world is still your brand, the effect it creates in people’s mind.

Remember, you want to make sure the effect is shaken, not stirred.

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