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10 Modern Parenting Blogs to Learn From

10 Modern Parenting Blogs to Learn From

Parenting is the most difficult job in the world. There are however a couple of resources you can turn to in order to make it a little easier. Parenting blogs have been widely available and a good topic that attracts a solid reading base. If you want to start a new parenting blog, you can take a look at the following site to learn more about how others chronicle their life of being a parent.

Mama Smile Blog

Mary Ann shares her parenting philosophy in this blog. What initially started as a creative outlet now expanded to a space wherein every parent can share their joyful experience of raising their children. Mary Ann believes that having a joyful parent-child bonding could benefit her kids a lot. She then shares fun learning opportunities that could be done at your kids desk. This would improve not only a parent’s relationship with his child but also create a positive sibling relationship.

Modern Day Moguls

This blog is great for those who want to know the ins and outs of motherhood. Michelle Robinson used to have a corporate job and then decided to be a full-time mom so she can spend more time with her children. She shares a lot of content about how best you can manage not only your children but also your own life.

How To Be A Dad

This is a refreshing site that shares parenting tips from the perspective of the dad. It was set up by two dads, Andy and Charlie. This blog chronicles their life as a parent through their fun sketches and scenarios. This blog has a unique style of writing and you can learn a lot about how to make your content more relatable and fun to read.

Parenting Science

These are for parents who prefer reading scientific-based resources on child development. It allows you to understand what it takes to raise a child through the lens of Science. This site is where you can find valuable resources on preschool activities that focus on Science concepts.

Wealthy Single Mommy

Being a parent is difficult, regardless if you have a partner or you raise your child on your own. Emma Johnson shares her life as a single mom through multiple posts that center on making parenting manageable for single parents. It discusses topics relevant to single parents such as managing time as a parent, business, dating, and more.

Alpha Mom

This blog is about giving confidence to parents through its different parenting articles that equip you with enough knowledge to be better. The blog also has a community where you can share your parenting style and it encourages you to be open to discussing it with other fellow parents.

Scary Mommy

This site is a good learning resource for those who want to understand how to deal with their child’s feelings. Most of the time parents are lost as to how they can communicate with their children and at times they don’t understand how they are behaving. You can also get inspired by their video content about parenting wherein they try to blend entertainment and education.

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Pint-sized Treasures

This parenting site is where you can find motivational parenting posts. The writer, Allison, creates a lot of posts that encourage parents in their parenting journey. She also has a great post about how to be a more patient parent which would be valuable for any parent out there.

Foster The Family Blog

A blog that equips parents on how to navigate the life of being a foster parent. It has a lot of useful resources on how to handle adoption and transitioning to being a foster parent. It also allows you to offer support to foster families through its donation platform.

Pregnant Chicken

This site is the go-to site of any expecting mother. Amy Morrison brilliantly breaks down information for mothers-to-be and mothers. You will be able to find useful articles on how to navigate motherhood from the first trimester to early childhood days.

These sites all have one thing in common and that is being real. If you would want to start your own parenting blog, all you need is to share what you know best. Make sure to create content that would be able to encourage fellow parents to also share their own stories as well.

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