22 International Food Blogs to Follow in 2021

If you’re a foodie and love to look up at anything food-related, there are so many international food blogs that you can follow. There is a wide variety of content in these blogs such as food reviews, recipes, restaurant suggestions, cooking techniques. We have compiled some blogs you can take a look at and may use as an inspiration in building your own food blog


Nyam Penh

Showcases the Cambodian food scene. This blog allows you to explore different restaurants that are highly recommended to go to. It gives extensive reviews that will surely help you decide on your next trip to the country. 

The Cook’s Cottage

Learn how to cook Indian cuisine through this site. You get to appreciate home-cooked meals better and learn Indian culinary recipes. 

She Who Eats

Japanese cuisine offers a lot from savory to sweet. This food blog boasts all unique food found in Japan through product reviews and restaurant hopping. 

My Korean Kitchen

If you’re obsessed with recreating Korean dishes in your kitchen, you can find detailed recipes on this site to do that. It also educates you on Korean culture. Discover Korea’s best recipes through this blog. 


Cook Sister!

This South African-based blog lets you discover the cuisine through her cooking. The name of the blog is based on a famous local pastry dish. 

My Book of Rai

Curious to find out how to create famous North African dishes? This blog allows you to cook Algerian cuisine by providing easy-to-follow recipes. It also discusses culinary techniques, tools, and culinary history of the country. 


Lazy Cat Kitchen

Run by a plant-based cuisine advocate based in the UK, you will find interesting recipes that allow you to convert to being vegan. This blog shares recipe that ensures you’ll enjoy eating plant-based food. 

Dinner for One

Appreciate Austrian food with this blog’s collection of food photos. The author constantly updates the food that she gets to eat every day. 

Chocolate and Zucchini

Run by one of the most famous French foodie. The site focuses mainly on contemporary French cuisine. 

The Wednesday Chef

This blog mainly revolves around the daily food adventure of a Berlin native. You get to appreciate the food scene in Germany which is a place famous for having ghost kitchens in different cities. 

Souvlaki for the Soul

Appreciate Greek food through the writer’s different traditional and even some fusion cuisine. The writer, Peter, has Greek heritage and is now based in Australia. 


An Italian blog focusing mostly on its country’s cuisine but with unique recipes on seasonal produce. Get to appreciate Italian cuisine with the country’s wide variety of produce. 

North America

Kitchen Konfidence

This blog aims to provide confidence in cooking to its readers by constantly challenging them with its recipes. Besides food recipes, the blog also has some unique drink recipes that you can follow. 


Nominated for Best New Voice category for the Saveur Blog Awards. This blog showcases Southern cooking mainly influenced by her hometown New Orleans. 

Smitten Kitchen

Deb focuses on sharing recipes that only have accessible ingredients. She doesn’t want her readers to use up hard-to-source items but instead cooks with readily available items. Her tutorial content is also great for cooks who are just starting out.  

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Brulee Blog

Get to enjoy Canada’s food scene through this site. This blog follows the writer’s exploration of different restaurants in Alberta. 

Drawn and Devoured

A fresh take on how to do a restaurant review, this blog gives out interesting illustrated write-ups that are unique and enjoyable to read. 


What Katie Ate

A visually appealing blog that lets you enjoy food through its collection of photos. The photos were perfectly curated and made you feast on food. 

South America

BAs Cooking

Enjoy Argentinian food with this blog’s different posts on local recipes. Try out its recipes on dulce de leche or chimichurri sauce. 


A brazil-based blog that boasts different recipes on local cuisine. You will find different photos in each recipe to be visually appealing. 

Las Recetas de Laylita

Get to recreate Ecuadorian recipes through this blog. It also publishes recipes that are famous dishes in different parts of Latin America. 

Good Food in Mexico City

Discover the food scene in Mexico City through the writer’s perspective. You will get to see different places tried out by the writer during her stay in Mexico.

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