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3 Things Bloggers Can Learn From The Office

3 Things Bloggers Can Learn From The Office

Bloggers Can Learn Stuff From TV, Says Chris Garrett

Chris Garrett, one of my Twitter pals, and a guy I really respect claims I can learn stuff from TV. Which is the total opposite use for television than I normally take. I normally use television as an excuse to get away from online learning,work, and anything that I’d like to absorb. But I like his take on shows and I didn’t want to bore you with the TV shows I actually watch but did want to share and change the meme ever so slightly. I took the only show I actually really watch on a regular basis.

Kiss Ass and Network A Lot
Dwight Schrute is the biggest office brown noser on the planet. If you want to make it in the A-List you have to kiss up to the Michaels of the blogging world. I won’t name any names but it’s true you gotta do it to get links and gain fame. Kissing up and doing there laundry is The Way you make it in tech. Totally being sarcastic. I’m totally not advocating kissing up to anyone, but if anyone wants to do my laundry feel free to ping me later I can teach you a lot about SplashPress and can guarantee you success in the blogosphere.

Be Real
Jim and Pam’s relationship seems so real. From their awkward flirting to the sideways glances; the honesty of their longing is what’s really drawing in loyal viewers. You want to draw in loyal blog readers and make it in the blogosphere be yourself don’t cater to whatever you want people to think of you. IMO, the success of The Office is Jim and Pam and how real it all seems between them. And the fact that Jim’s my idol and I think Pam’s a hottie. But moving on. Be real, be authentic and goof off a lot. Success is sure to follow.

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Be A Friend First, then a Blogger
If you want to gain mindshare be a friend of the blogosphere first then be a blogger. Taken straight from Michael Scott, well sort of. But I really believe the deepest strongest most meaningful moments of my time in the blogosphere have not come from traffic, business deals, or attention but have come from meaningful relationships among friends I developed here on the web.

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