4 Things the White House Blog is Doing Right

Whether you are a fan of the current White House Administration or not, there is little debate that the White House blog has done a great job when it comes to their online presence and strategy. There are several things the White House blog is doing right that other bloggers can emulate, which will hopefully translate into more traffic and better engagement.


The White House blog has a lot of great written content, but it also ties that in with a variety of media mediums that help illustrate its point. This includes embedding YouTube videos and SoundClouds (like the one below that they did of one of President Obama’s speeches), as well as including a lot of photos.


Screenshot taken 12/12/2013

Using a variety of different media inputs (including tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram photos, which can all now be embedded into blog posts and web pages) not only helps break up your written content, but can also help better illustrate your points, since people all take in information differently.

Multiple Reputable Authors

There are regular bloggers on the White House blog, but also several well-known politicians and thought leaders who contribute great content (including Secretary of State John Kerry). Your blog should also aim to get other highly regarded bloggers in your industry to contribute guest posts to your blog. Not only does this provide a different mix of content, those bloggers will also promote it on their end.

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Simple Layout

The White House blog is black text on a white background. It doesn’t get easier to read that that color combination. You should focus on having a simple layout as well. This doesn’t mean white backgrounds with black text; but rather, focus on making the site easy to read and simple to navigate. Readers will be better able to get around your blog and read its content.

Social Media

The White House media team is doing a great job at social media, which is tied in with their overall online presence (which includes blogging). Their Tumblr is updated regularly and features a better look into what goes on around the White House and with President Obama on a daily basis. Consider using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, and LinkedIn several times per week to help increase your overall exposure. Be sure to interlink all your profiles when applicable and include links on your blog as well.

No matter what strategies you take from the White House blog, be sure to focus on what is most beneficial to your readers and you’re sure to slowly increase your online traffic and readership.

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