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5 Top Earning Blogs to Inspire You

5 Top Earning Blogs to Inspire You

While practically all sites that offer blogging tips tell you not to focus too much on the money, I think it is safe to say that many a starting blogger can’t help but dream of one day being part of that elite group of top earning web sites.



Dreaming is one thing. Execution is another.

While it is true that monetization shouldn’t be the main/sole purpose of an online publication, we cannot deny that it is part of the package. If you agree, and you’re working your bum off to succeed in this business, here are five top earning blogs that will inspire you. The chances are you have heard about them. You may even read them on a regular basis.

Now take a closer look, and see what you can learn from them.


Kotaku is perhaps the best known web site in the gaming niche, with its tips and tricks, codes, and cheats. It is known for providing exclusive info that will give gamers an edge when playing their favorite game. The site also covers news, so that readers are always in the loop. Whether it’s about a new game, a game update, or anything gaming-relate, Kotaku has become a go-to source for many a gamer. And for that, the site earns around $1,500 per day, making it one of the top earning blogs today.


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When it comes to gadgets and the tech that involves them, SlashGear is the site to inspire you. Ewdison Then, co-founder and executive editor of this consumer electronic and tech news site, targets consumers – you and me! – who have a particular affinity for gadgets. Whether you’re looking for information on the latest phone (Android or Apple), apps, or gaming PCs, SlashGear will have that for you. Additionally, SlashGear’s reviews have long been established as something to trust in. For this, the site earns anywhere from $60,000 to $80,000 a month. Yes, the tech and gadget niche is profitable!

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VentureBeat is the baby of erstwhile journalist Matt Marshall (although it can be argued that he is still a journalist). He entered the world of blogging in 2006, with technology as his focus. When he founded VentureBeat, though, he expanded his range. More than tech in general, the site also highlights money, finance, and investments. Oh, and startups. How much does VentureBeat earn? Anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 a month.


In a world where we can have pretty much everything easily, people seem to be looking for ways to simplify things, to make life better. This is what Lifehacker capitalizes on. The blog covers a lot of ground – practically anything and everything under the sun. If you want to learn how to apply a tourniquet the right way, you can find the info here. If you want to learn how to be more organized, you’ll find help here, too. The site is an amazing collection of tips and tricks, and perhaps wisdom, that may very well have been handed down from generation to generation – except that the information is all found in one place. Because of its popularity, Lifehacker earns about $110,000 per month.

Perez Hilton

Now if you’re thinking making money is the realm of tech, gadgets, and lifehacks, then you’re wrong. Ever heard of Perez Hilton? I’m sure you have. This entertainment blog always finds its way to the limelight, not only because of its inherent appeal – gossip; people love gossip! – but also for its colorful personality. As the celebrity gossip scene goes, the blog covers anything from photoshopped images to celebrity sightings to celebrity fails to photo galleries (hot and not). For the most part, the writing style and snarky comments contribute largely to this blog’s success. So how much does it make? How does $3,500 per day sound to you?

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