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7 Best EV Blogs On The Internet to Be Inspired By

7 Best EV Blogs On The Internet to Be Inspired By

EV Blogs, or electric vehicle blogs, are starting to gain popularity as the fame of EVs rise all around the world. Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly and have very low running costs as they use almost zero fuel. More and more people are using electric vehicles every day as countries gear towards “zero emissions”. This is the most crucial time for information about EVs, which is why creating an EV blog may be a top choice for a blog niche.

If you are planning to write a blog about electric vehicles or EVs, these are among the best EV blogs to be inspired by:

Autoblog – Green

Autoblog – green will tell you all about the things you need to learn about electric vehicles in general. What makes this blog great is its car catalogue which could be searched by make and model. The blog also has links to great places to buy EVs making Autoblog – green such a good resource for enthusiasts.


The blog has an e-magazine layout, which is something you might want to consider when creating a car-related blog. Since enthusiasts not only want to research about the look but also want to research about anything EV-related, presenting it in a car magazine layout is the most effective. For instance, this EV not only talks about the cars but also about charging (and all information it entails). This is where you would probably learn about the best electric vehicle charging station.

Inside EVs

The ‘Compare EVs’ category is a unique feature for this blog. If you are planning to write something about electric vehicles, this kind of presentation is a good idea. Enthusiasts and readers would want to read and compare two different brands, vehicles, charging stations, and the like. It is more informative for them.

EV Obsession

Review blogs are also very popular, especially when entering the car enthusiast niche. So, just like in this blog, you may choose to review different brands, makes, and models of electric vehicles. You may decide to review on performance, charging, charging locations, consumption, and more.

EV Life

EV Life is not exactly a blog. Instead, it is a resource that provides people with opportunities to gain incentives in buying an electric vehicle. Simply, the website is giving people opportunities to purchase an electric vehicle and push for the widening of electric car adoption all over the world. The website included a “blog” to teach more people about what electric cars could give. This is a good hook for readers. Most people visiting EV life are probably those that are already interested in buying an electric car. However, the blog part of the website drives traffic into the website, even those that are not yet in the “buying mode”.

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Place To Plug

This is also a good way to learn about the EV community, different EV charging solutions, and other advancements in EV. If you are planning to join the EV blog community, you may choose a specific area of “expertise” since these are still quite rare. Just like in this blog that focuses mostly on EV charging solutions and other essentials.

Current EV

Current EV is a blog that publishes more news-like content. These could be announcements of new models, technologies, and the like. This is also a good approach to creating an EV blog if you want to be on top of the latest trends and news in the industry. This way, readers would want to go back and read new content on your page every time.

There are a lot more EV blogs on the internet to be inspired by. And, there is always something new to learn about electric vehicles, their charging solutions, new charging locations, and the like. There is always new content to write about this cool, sustainable niche. 

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