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8 Examples of Home Improvement Blogs

8 Examples of Home Improvement Blogs

One of the most popular web search topics in the past year has been home improvement. With people forced to stay at home for a longer period of time, home improvement has been among the only options they have to stay productive. If you have some great ideas about home improvement and wish to create a blog to join this niche, here are some home improvement blogs you can draw inspiration from.

Centsational Style

Most people look for design ideas that can help them make their home look better without breaking the bank. Centsational Style thinks outside the box and even offers ways on how their audience can better shop for the items they’ll need for their home projects. Everything is DIY, which is what most people are into these days. This website provides ideas and concepts on how readers can redesign their homes on a budget.

Kaleidoscope Living

Formerly known as Designer Trapped, Kaleidoscope Living shares ideas regarding interior design and home renovation. Everything is also DIY so readers can simply just follow through the guidelines. Even better, the options given in this blog are usually affordable so it won’t hurt the wallet. From the top menu, readers can easily access DIY projects and guides for shopping and gifts, which you can also apply to your blog.

DIY Show Off

DIY projects are immensely popular these days so creating a blog that is centered around this concept would certainly be a good idea. Aside from guides, you can also put tutorials as part of your website, similar to DIY Show Off. With tutorials, it’ll be easier for your audience to follow instructions on how to accomplish certain projects. Showing your actual home projects could also draw in more audiences interested in your craft.

One Project Closer

Part of home improvement and renovation projects is the proper handling of tools, especially when handling electrical wires. No, you don’t exactly need an electrical engineering degree to get things done. If you have the appropriate knowledge on how to help people with handling tools and devices, this can be your niche, similar to One Project Closer. You can post project guides as well as specific tool posts on how to properly use each one of them.

Old Town Home

If you have any experience in flipping houses, you can share your experiences and different projects in a blog, just like Old Town Home. It’s not easy nor is it cheap, so people usually look for guides on how to do it the best way possible without spending too much. You can showcase your past projects and also offers tutorials on how to accomplish certain tasks related to flipping old homes.

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People often search for ideas when it comes to remodeling a house. There are so many different styles that you can incorporate into each room and this is where Remodelaholic comes into play. Each room can have its own personality and that is where you can base its style. Project ideas and how you can craft your own DIYs can be pretty useful when remodeling each room, and users can find all of that in this blog. If you have your own concepts of these, it can be the major theme of your home improvement blog as well.


Instead of covering all areas of home improvement, your niche can also focus on lifestyle pieces that can accentuate each room of the house. Remodelista is a great blog where readers can find tips on home décor and even shop for these items on the website. In addition, users can also find remodeling guides and before and after shots of remodeled houses.

Home Tips

Home improvement doesn’t only mean upscaling someone’s house. It can also include repairing broken fixtures or building sheds in a backyard. These are common projects that people typically search for and try to do themselves. Home Tips is a blog that offers all these guides and techniques to help its audience improve their living conditions. The blog’s main menu even includes specific areas like plumbing, electricity, and appliances. If you have extensive knowledge in these areas, your niche could be like being the jack-of-all-trades in home improvement.

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